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Our previous VPK Tool thread was getting just a tad crowded, so here is the latest VPKTool update 1.8 (we'll use this thread awhile now) by c0d3m4st4 for PS Vita to split / install VPK files and more! (y)

Download: (271 KB) / Mirror

VPKTool v1.8 Changes:
  • Time to remove the beta label. All reported bugs have been fixed now. If i missed any, keep reporting, as i can't test everything, and people uses weird stuff i may have not treated apropiatelly in
    the code.
  • Code clean up... this is growing fast!
  • Added prelimnary MaiDumpTool support. For now, only safety checks. Click to open may folder or drag it in the logo. Only Mai root folders, no parents no weird structures, only the [TITLE_ID] fodler.
    It doesn't actually need to be named [TITLE_ID].
  • For Mai mode, use the checkbox under the logo. VPKTool will remember that setting and start in the last mode you used. Default first run mode, is Vitamin VPK dumps. Check the "Mai mode" checkbox for
    MaiDumpTool dumps mode.
  • Mai dumps are confussing. Need to check it in depth before continue. I've seen them with and without eboot_origin.bin, with or without mai_mode folder... such a mess. Dunno if created by the dumper, or
    modded by people, so will check myself
  • Folders are important! Don't use odd folders like your desktop folder, root folders or any important folder for the VPKTool temporary folder. It will be wiped after certains operations!!!
  • Added a small hash calculator in the help/info panel. Proably not useful for most of you, but i needed one handy. Just drag and drop a file in the text field and you will get some hashes and some file info.
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Here's an update from c0d3m4st4 to VPKTool 1.8.2 with the changelogs below:

Download: (289 KB)


  • Bug fixed on safety checks for manually created VPKs from Mai dumps. Most of these manually created VPKs are not correctly done, and you may get weird errors. I think i fixed them all now... just forgot to add the checks on my safety checking function. There have been no risks derivated from this bug, as VPKTool just showed an error inspecting the file.
  • Added safety checks in manual upload mode.
  • New option added for MaiDumpTool folders: create a ZIP file from a Mai folder.
  • WARNING message when selecting a TEMP folder. I wonder why people keeps using odd folders like the desktop as temp!
  • MaiDumTool 233.2zEx identified as MaiDumpTool v233.2z10(Ex) (they use the same module)
  • Mai basic safety checks added
  • Mai ZIP folder option added
  • New mandatory folder strucure for Mai dumps:
---- Parent folder (can be any name)
|------- [TITLE_ID] subfolder for main game
|------- [TITLE_ID]_patch subfolder for game updates (optional)
|------- [TITLE_ID]_addc subfolder for game DLC (optional)
These will be used in the future for FTP upload.
  • More checks added to avoid errors on manually created VPKs and Mai folders with odd names and structure. To those converting... Please don't delete the mai folder when converting a Mai dump to VPK... Why doing it?
  • Didn't have much time this week, so no new security checks have been added apart from the basic ones, so be careful cause new ways to brick your console are now out there. Remember to install homebrew ONLY from trusted sources. And use VitaShell 1.3x or higher to install those.

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