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Awhile back we saw a leaked image of a PlayStation 5 console in a Factory Setting, and surfacing in PS5 News today on the popular Chinese bulletin board system comes some more leaked images of what appear to be swappable PlayStation 5 (PS5) White Console Plates that could make the task a bit simpler to change the PS5 color from white to black for DIY case modders. :sneaky:

Personally I feel black looks more PlayStation-esque as illustrated in the fan-made PS5 rendering Tweets HERE, however, feel free to share your comments on this in the PlayStation 5 Forums. :tup:
Leaked Images of PlayStation 5 (PS5) White Console Plates Surface.jpg

Leaked Images of PlayStation 5 (PS5) White Console Plates Surface 2.jpg

Leaked Images of PlayStation 5 (PS5) White Console Plates Surface 3.jpg


Chaos Kid

Senior Member
Wtf is with that nail he have a dope nose or what. 😂
Looking forward to seeing what's under the hood of this thing should be interesting with all that sony is doing
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