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Many may remember PlayStation 4 developer maxton releasing GameArchives ArchiveExplorer (latest version HERE) with PS4 PFS support followed by MakePFS to build PS4 PlayStation File System images, well today he's committed a new project to Github called LibOrbisPkg which aims to be a library for PS4 PKGs! (y)

Download: / GIT / AppVeyor (Latest Builds)

According to the changelog, the latest revision includes a fix for GP4 reading/writing that no longer uses field layouts for PKG structs... and from the to quote: LibOrbisPkg

I am developing an open source library for reading and writing PS4 PKG files. This project's goal is to eliminate the need to use proprietary *** tools. Without a proper open PKG tool, the PS4 homebrew scene cannot flourish.

All code in this repository is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 3, which can be found in LICENSE.txt.


PKGEditor PKG Tool.png


PkgEditor is a GUI tool with which you can edit GP4 projects, and build PKG and PFS archives. Click File -> Open GP4..., then click Build PKG to create a PKG.

PkgTool.exe <verb> <input> <output>
  makepfs <input_project.gp4> <output_pfs.dat>
  makepkg <input_project.gp4> <output_directory>
  • Reverse encryption and signatures
  • Implement PFS encryption and PKG signing

Everyone who helped, either directly or indirectly, but especially the following:
  • flatz
If any PS4 developers wish to lend a hand feel free to assist in the LibOrbisPkg development, and as always we'll add updates here when they become available!


Cheers to @Wultra for the heads-up of the news on Twitter! :beer:
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This is designed to allow us eventually to use a simple program to extract and create fpkg files without knowing 100 different settings from what it sounds like at least. we will see how it pans out and as implemented great job, the scene is on fire lately its a pleasure to be around when this is all happening, cant wait to see further emulation for retroarch :)

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