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We've seen PS4 GTA V with Native Code, Real-Time Demo 2 and a GTAV PS4 Mod Menu and today LudicrousBeach shared a PS4 GTA V modding 1.76 Remote Procedure Calling Tool demonstration video with details below! :geek:

He notes in the video's caption that this is just an insight on development progress for the PS4 and is not currently possible to mod online.

To quote from Ludicrous Beach on NGU: Brief Summary

After a few weeks of research and development on my PS4, I've created a small tool to show the possibilities on the PS4. This is very similar to what Bad ChoicesZ has done (Created an API, to allow reading / writing to process memory, then creating an RPC in assembly for GTA).

Note the same thing can be done for any game on the PS4, i just started with GTA as i'm familiar with a lot of it from PS3. Before you ask, no you can't get online, at least not yet.

Side Note

I was thinking of creating an EBOOK on Computing, which will cover all concepts related to modding on PS3 and PS4. This will take a while as im currently at University studying a Computer Science degree. I just wanted to know if people were interested in such a thing and if people wanted to learn.

This is a quick initial thought and breakdown of headings to be covered, if you want any others covering be sure to tell me be in the comments below;

- Memory

Number Formats

Data Storage

‣Integral Numbers
‣Real Numbers

◦ Virtual Memory Mapping
◦ Finding Memory Addresses
◦ Pointers- Language Generations

◦ High Level Languages
◦ Assembly Languages
◦ Machine Code
- Programming

General Programming Patterns

‣Data Types
‣Relational Operators
‣Logical Operators

⁍ If; else if; else
⁍ Switch
⁍ For
⁍ While
‣Method / Procedure / Function

⁍ Inheritance
⁍ Polymorphism
◦ C#
◦ C- Assembly

◦ PowerPC
◦ X86-64
- Debugging

◦ Registers
◦ Breakpoints
- RPC (Remote Procedural Call)

Thanks to @HydrogenNGU for the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :ninja:
LudicrousBeach's PS4 GTA V 1.76 Mod Remote Procedure Calling Tool.jpg