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Over the weekend we saw Part 2 of his PS4 GTA V RTM Mod, and now PlayStation 4 developer LudicrousBeach has recompiled the PS4 1.76 Dlclose Exploit into a fixed Web Browser Patch for 1.76 OFW and under with details below. :ninja:

Download: WebBrowserPatch.bin (1.0 MB)

To quote: [Fixed] PS4 Web Browser Patch


So myself and a few others tried the released Web Browser Patch that was released named "ps4_dev-dlclose_(Browser)_Kernel_Patch.bin", but couldn't get it to work.

Therefore I looked for the code online, implemented the dlclose exploit and compiled it.

The debug information this payload sends is sent to the IP, although not needed for the patch. if you want to view the debug information make sure you have a TCP listener on port 9023 and you have changed your PC IP to


Thanks to @lezek20 for the code:
uint64_t (*sceRegMgrSetInt)(uint32_t reg, int val) = (void *)0xFFFFFFFF8269B310;
sceRegMgrSetInt(0x3c040000, 0);
Also thanks to @HydrogenNGU for the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! (y)

LudicrousBeach's Recompiled PS4 Dlclose Exploit Web Browser Patch.jpg



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all that news about FW 1.76 is great and all but I'm kinda scared its gonna take at least another year before we find some things about 3.50 FW :(

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