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Following the previous PlayStation Vita MaiDumpTool Game Dumper and VPKTool for VPK's, today MaiDumpTool V233.2z2 which supports DLC and U3D games by APTXIke4869 alongside VPKTool 1.6 and more updates from c0d3m4st4 are now both updated! :ninja:

Also below are some more MaiDumpTool updates by BeniYukiMai including MaiDumpTool_V233.2z7, MaiDumpTool_V233.2z8 and MaiDumpTool_V233.2z9.

Download: (3.7 MB) / (Mirror) / MaiDumpTool_V233.2z2_eng.vpk (3.69 MB - English Version) by hoshi-maru / MaiDumpTool_V233.2z8_eng.vpk via VitaType / MaiDumpTool (Latest Release) / GIT / (206 KB) / VPKTool_1_7(beta_fix) (240 KB) / VPKTool_1_7_1(beta) (240 KB) / VPKTool_1_7_2(beta) (239 KB) / VPKTool_1_7_3(beta) (242 KB) / VPKTool_1_7_4(beta) (240 KB) / VPKTool_1_7_5(beta) (246 KB) / VPKTool_1_7_6(beta) / VPKTool_1_7_7(beta) / VPKTool_1_7_7_2(beta) (257 KB)

To quote from bdsqlsz: MaiDumpTool_V233.2z2 (Support DLC and U3D game)

Tool Release Notes: Made In China! ! ! ! Version v233.2z2:
  • support to dump DLC and loading DLC (use DLC should change launch game mode to 5)
  • DLC install directory:ux0:addcont_mai, same framework like ux0:addcont
  • support games with .self files (like Uncharted etc)
  • support games with .suprx files (like EXVS etc)
  • support games mixed with .self and .suprx files (like GOD EATER、 FFX etc and it will cost more time and space if it has more suprx files)
  • support part U3D games (like xonic etc, cant load DLC)
  • support games with Odd Code segment (??not sure translation)
  • some games will request DRM, if cant run, try to change launch game mode to 5 (like 传颂之物 うたわれるもの not sure English game name etc)
  • the tool for study and research use please delete download within 24 not for commercial use
MaiDumpTool Updates.jpgIf any question is brought to bear commercial use! First release in BaiduTieba PSVita破解吧, plz remember that reprint with source.

Version v233.2z7: (Roughly translated via wch9627)
  • DLC installation directory to game directory / dlc, structure and ux0: addcont / xxxxyyyyy same
  • DLC installation directory can also continue to use ux0: addcont_mai, the tool automatically detects the start of the game DLC and moved to a new directory (of course if you want to start at least once I)
  • Support patch installation from the folder (ux0: mai folder in the form of such as xxxxyyyyy_patch)
  • Support for installing DLC from a folder (xxxxyyyyy_addc in the ux0: mai folder)
  • Support GRW games
  • Fix some bugs that may crash
  • Repair loading mode 5 may not read the DLC bug
  • Update mode, select the update tool can be
Version v233.2z8:
  • Fixed a bug
Version v233.2z9:
  • Dump is automatically disabled when the standby (of course you have to manually standby I can not ....)
  • Automatically scan for malicious code during game installation
#LetMaiDie - Teaser and Comp Pack installation [3.65+ Games on 3.60/3.65]
PS Vita VPKTool 1.6.jpg
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Why this tools maidump and Vitamin CAN'T dump games download from the Old sony mobile store as "Pop Bugs Zap" and other games downloaded from the extint mobile store???
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