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Previously we saw some PS4 Custom BGM and Theme PKG Files followed by the PS4 Custom Theme Preview Image Creation Method for PS4 Theme Editor, and today following my fully functional MGS V Theme (and a Blonde Theme by diegoshark :D) here's the guide I made:

How to Make a PS4 Theme PKG for 4.05 / 4.55 Tutorial:

Needed Tools
Ok so first things first we will start with photos:

Download the images you need for the "background" folder (recommended to be jpeg because you need PNG 24bits and i found that you can't convert PNG 32bits to PNG 24bits for some reason it stays on 32bits so converting jpeg to png using Photoshop will do the trick, more on that below)
  • homescreen (resolution 1920x1080)
  • functionscreen (resolution 1920x1080)
  • functionareabar (resolution 1920x164)
After downloading the required images open each one of them with photoshop and from the menu bar select Image > mode > RGB | 8 bits/channel as shown in the picture below:

Making a PS4 Theme PKG for 4.05 4.55 Tutorial by Mangekyou222 2.jpg

After that save as PNG and copy the file to the background folder

Next folder is content_icon (those files doesn't need to be converted so use 32bits PNG images)

The resolution is 512x512 for all of them after that its just renaming and copying files

Next folder is function_icon same as previous folder except the resolution all images is 32bits PNG

The resolution is 128x128 ((excluding the glow images))

After that we go to the sound folder which is the most complicated part in my opinion

To make a working at9 sound file you need AT9 AT3 Converter V2.3 and possibly audacity.

You need a WAV file not longer than 2 minutes in length (recommended)

Extract the at9 converter zip to your desktop.

Open command prompt and type in the following command:
cd c:\users\Mangekyou\desktop\AT9 converter 2.3\ATRAC\
Note: replace mangekyou with your pc user name

Copy the WAV file to the ATRAC folder and rename it bgm_home

Now type the following command in the command prompt:
PS4_at9tool.exe -e -br 144 -wholeloop bgm_home.wav bgm_home.at9
If all done well you should now have an AT9 file which you can copy to the sound folder of the theme.

Next is the sound vag files

You can use the vagconv2w.exe inside the fake pkg tools to convert wav files to vag (note wav files frequency must be at 48000)

Now open up PS4_Theme_Editor_0-1-3beta and select the theme folder

You should see everything in order, on the right side of the app you can find the theme.xml panel with it you can modify the theme name and colors, for example the font color is #FFED1010

The first two values "FF" is the transparency the rest is the color code "ED1010"
you can find all the codes you need here.

after that select format version as 4.0 and put the name of you theme at the end with dashes


Press save and exit the app , while exiting you'll be asked "do you want to save work?" choose yes.

  • Open theme.xml with notepad and change homebgm-enable from False to True.
  • Save and quit.
  • Now you have few more steps to do:
First one would be to edit the preview.png and the icon0.png images.
  • The preview.png is found under texture folder - Change it to (24bits PNG the resolution is 740x416)
  • The icon0.png is found under sce_sys folder - Change it to (24bits PNG the resolution is 512x512)
Final step before building:

Go to fake pkg tools and run the orbis-pub-sfo.exe
Open up the param.sfo under the sce_sys folder and change the title text and the content ID.. it should be something like this:
Save your SFO and open up the orbis-pub-gen.exe

First select file>> new project>> system software theme package.

Now you should see something on the right side called Image0 double click on it.
Drag and drop your theme folders and files it should look like this:

Making a PS4 Theme PKG for 4.05 4.55 Tutorial by Mangekyou222 3.jpg

Select file and save theme as gp4 and close the window

Now under Command in the menu bar select Project settings
Now select Package
Put your content ID from the param.sfo in the content ID section

Select generate for the passcode 32 and press ok

Now under command select build image

Select the output folder and press build


I apologize if this tutorial seems disorganized >_< am not used to making tutorials but i hope it helps.

Making a PS4 Theme PKG for 4.05 4.55 Tutorial by Mangekyou222.jpg



Senior Member
The .at9 file is the sound file you use for the background but what are .vag sound files for? Also is the pass code you use the same kind of idea for game ripping.... maybe all 0's incase someone wants to edit ?
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