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Proceeding the Dying Light PS4 Dev Menu, Dead Island: Riptide PS4 Dev Menu, Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Skeletal Models & Textures Tool, Ratchet & Clank PS4 Debug Menu, Dark Souls 3 PS4 Debug Menu and Bloodborne PS4 Debug Menu today Fusion on Twitter with help from @zecoxao (Twitter) shared a Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Debug Menu demonstration video with the PS4Scene from Fusion's YouTube Channel with further details below! 🕷️

Download: marvels spiderman debug menu.rar (26.30 KB - includes pkg_settings-1.00.set and pkg_settings-1.17.set) / commandline.txt (274 Bytes)

Spider-Man PS4 Debug Menu

This video goes through the various debug options inside the game as well as show some of the testing and marketing levels. If you would like to see more from this game, drop a comment and I will make a video showing it. Huge shout out to Zecoxao for helping me with this!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter for more!

Since many people were asking, and i'm tired of explaining the same thing over and over, here are the .set files for marvel's spiderman: marvels spiderman debug menu.rar (26.30 KB)
these will toggle debug mode on in the ingame settings menu of the game. only version 1.00 of the .set was tested, not version 1.17, so to be absolutely sure it works, test it also on 1.17 version. you only need to rename the file to pkg_settings.set and replace to enable it
this will do the same effect as what fusion was showing in his video (he ended up providing me the file for 1.00, opoisso893 provided the 1.17 file which i also modified)
forgot a file in the marvel's spiderman debug menu: commandline.txt (274 Bytes - you need this one additionally to have the debug menu enabled) to enable, ingame, press the touch button and the options should show up
-force_console = true
{ Assert.WarningFilter=review }
-sku eu1
Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Debug Menu Demo via Fusion and Zecoxao.jpg



All working - thanks.

A shame there's no debug camera included.

Looking at Days Gone, it looks like the game has a debug Menu you can access from pause menu, it has a fly camera in the debug options.


Theres also a developer menu in wonfenstein 2 and the 2016 edition of DOOM that I found by modifying the bindsets found by dumping the discs and modifying the bind .cfg files with a txt editor and binding "devgui 1" to a key or button. Just saying.


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Good day,

I'm just wondering. Since we have upcoming 7.55 kexploit. Do any of you knows the required firmware for Miles Morales on PS4?

I've seen the patch 1.01 requires 7.55 firmware. Can anyone confirms it it's true?