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Proceeding Part 1, as developer @CTurt (Github / YouTube) exits the PlayStation Hacking Scene he updated his blog with Part 2: Attacking the Compiler Process stating on Twitter, "Ultimately I didn't finish the exploit, but hopefully it's still interesting, and maybe we will see a full exploit implementation from someone else in the future." :geek:

This comes following the Mast1c0re USB / Network ELF / Game Loader Updates alongside the recent HackerOne PlayStation Hacktivity by CTurt, with an excerpt from his mast1c0re: Hacking the PS4 / PS5 through the PS2 Emulator - Part 2 - Compiler Attack article summary below: Conclusion

"There's a reasonably good chance that with enough motivation the vulnerabilities described in this post could be exploited to take over the compiler process.

The exploit would allow arbitrary code execution on the latest firmwares of the PS4 and PS5, allowing native homebrew applications to be run off USB storage for example.

Even with the mitigation Sony shipped in response to this research to limit the size of applications that could be run, I still believe it would be possible to to run larger applications albeit with the performance overhead of them being partially emulated or dynamically paged in and out.

With the amount of work required, I don't realistically think we'll see polished demos of Linux or retail PS4 games running, but it's fun to think that there's a good chance that theoretically those things might at least be technically possible."
Finally, he sends thanks out to flatz, balika011, theflow0, chicken(s) and PlayStation. :spsbuttoncolor:

Mast1c0re Hacking PS4 PS5 via PS2 Emulator Part 2 by CTurt.jpg


Also I think ps5 will be never hacked 100%

Maybe someday the 4.03 or 4.50.. After 2.5, years the console is outdated for Linux.. So I will update and play the hfw dlc soon :)

Have good times here.

Guys i am stuck on ps4 9.60. Now i have a chance to either change my ps4 with a jailbroken ps4 or buy a PS5. What should i do?

1. Wait for ps4 9.60 jailbreak.
2. Buy a ps5 and wait for jailbreak.
3. Or buy a jailbroken ps4. Cause ps4 9.60 jailbreak wont come anytime soon.

Plz help i am in a desperate situation now.
@hashirmehmoodgs The logical solution is to get the PS4 since there's already an available jailbreak for it that you can use to immediately play games. The PS5 has no jailbreak and you'll be stuck with a really expensive system for who knows how long.
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