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Yesterday we saw some PS4 MATRiX Key Demos out of Turkey, and today we venture to India for an MTX Key Mod-Chip demonstration by { BE-GAMES } on YouTube. :)

While these demos are great for native speakers, hopefully the PlayStation 4 mod-chips will soon reach predominantly English-speaking regions for some decent quality English video guides covering MTX Key installation, gamesharing and overall usage instead of relying on the current mediocre translations. :confused:

From the video's caption: PS4 jailbreak by MTX KEY India
  • PS4 mod successful in India
  • Hardware Matrix MTX KEY
Cheers to @Figure03 for the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox this morning! :lovewins:
MATRiX Key PS4 Mod-Chip Demo Video by BE-Games from India.jpg



Senior Member
hi how to transfer mtx chip games from ps4 to external hard drive to have game on both also ps4 and also on external hard drive
ps4 games cant copy games from internal hdd to external hdd !

only option aviable is "move" so you must move game on external hdd and clone external hdd to another external hdd and use it on each ps4 systems !

and if same game is on external hdd and internal hdd you cant use it at same until you delete iterate game
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