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Despite partnering with Burger King for the PS5 UI Startup Sound Teaser last fall prior to the PlayStation 5 Launch, it appears McDonald's (aka Macca's) in Australia won't be giving away 50 customized McDonald's PS5 DualSense Controllers as Sony officially put the kibosh on the 50th birthday stream week event. 🎂

This PS5Scene news comes proceeding PlateStation5 running into legal issues, and consequently rebranding as CustomizeMyPlates with official PS5 DualSense Wireless Controllers only available in Midnight Black and Cosmic Red colors beyond Classic White currently.

To quote from “Unfortunately, McDonald’s stream week has been postponed and won’t be going ahead this Sunday. We are unable to confirm a new date for the proposed event at this time. We will have some great prizing including Macca’s 50th Birthday Hoodies and 50 channel subscriptions for each streamer to give away. We will be in contact with the new timing as soon as we have it confirmed.”

“Sony PlayStation has not authorized the use of its controller in promotional materials related to the proposed Stream Week event and we apologize for any inconvenience caused. McDonald’s stream week has been postponed and Sony PlayStation controllers will not be included in the giveaway.”

According to's update on the PS5 McDualSense Controller, to quote:

“As it turns out, the McDonald's PlayStation 5 DualSense controller was never actually meant to be advertised in the first place. IGN has learned that the design was an internal concept that never left the planning phase, let alone something McDonald's approached PlayStation about.”
McDonald's: You deserve a jailbreak today!
McDonald's PS5 DualSense Controller Australian Giveaway Halted by Sony.png

🚰Finally, following the previous IDA Pro 7.5 and PlayStation DevKit Leaks comes a leaked IDA Pro 7.6 SP1 + HexRays (x86/x64/ARM/ARM64/MIPS) alongside 751 GB of compressed EA data purportedly containing FIFA 21 source code for those interested. :geek:

Hit the spoiler below for details, and cheers to @zecoxao on Twitter for the heads-up on this! 🍻




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The only thing I don't like about Five Guys is their prices... sooo expensive, but sooo worth it. 🤪


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@Pittonecio These days much of the 'interesting' stuff has to be buried in articles behind spoiler code due to DMCA BOTs and overzealous lawyers sending out legal notices, while the rest is often ladened with scene drama that nobody has the free time to get involved in and keep up on.

I was hoping the announcement back in June would encourage others to use the News Submissions section to share news we don't normally cover, but unfortunately thus far there hasn't been any submissions so most of what's posted is based on my own interests.

@Helghast 4 Ever OMG I want one... maybe later this week!! :D


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Mcdonalds doesnt use "meat" they use the cows ankle bone (dont ask me how i know that lol) thats why the burgers have that dry'ish white texture inside them, i do like it either way

About it having no nutrition thats not true or i would be dead, they are quite healthy if you avoid the fries (you can check it by living proof don gorske who only ate big macs for the past 40+ years and hes healthy. Then you can take it from me who does diet while eating those) burger king are a bit more meaty but i prefer big macs.

The fries are actually frozen thin mccain (at least on mcdonalds) its a finely known and pricey brand actually, the oil however its probably disgusting and overused yeah

I would like to try five guys but sadly we dont have it in here but even if we did, our franchising here is also way different and made with investment cuts, so quality is usually crap

I can say i eat the most burgers and i dont have high cholesterol, sure it also depends on my own metabolism etc, but i never faced any major health issues, my exams are always perfect. But then again i hardly eat the fries i only order the burger.

Fries in general are a big health hazard, even on new oil because while frying they are soaking in the oil and potatoes are quite the sponges when it comes to absorbing liquids, so what you are putting inside you is actually like 65-70% pure oil

Btw im not defending any fast food chain practices or incentivating people to eat more fast food, im just stating some info about it :D

@spotanjo3 If you are the kind to eat "healthy" food you would actually be surprised how unhealthy those can be to avoid some of the "unhealthy" stuff on junk foods. For example to avoid sugars which is an addictive drug to humans and cause your body to retain more fat, they use sweeteners which is mostly aspartame which is deadly toxic to us. Vegan+Bio "healthy" foods usually increases insane amounts of sodium from all the flavorings to taste like the "real deal". Etc :)


You would think $ony could ride this incentive by other big companies promoting $ony's products for free.

Guess they thought 'Why didnt we think of that? Lets shut it down'