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On this Christmas Day the entire PSXHAX Team would like to wish everyone in the PlayStation 4 scene a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2019! :tree: :santa:

Before the year comes to a close we'll also learn more about Sony's PS4 / PS3 Blu-ray Drive Security at the 36c3 PlayStation Hacking Lecture on December 28th at 22:10 +0100 CET. :fire:

:idea: Remember those unable to enjoy all the PS4 FPKG game releases that can't wait for a future PS4 jailbreak exploit may want to find a jailbreakable PS4 console in the meantime to play hundreds of free PS4 games and homebrew applications. (y)

Moving forward to PlayStation 5 News, next year Sony confirmed the PS5 Release during the holiday season with rumors of a potential PS5 Unveiling at PlayStation Meeting in February 2020 as PS5 Game Trailers are already available! 😻

Finally, following the Ghost Of Tsushima PS4 Dynamic Theme developer @opoisso893 shared a Happy Holiday 2019 PS4 Theme with the 5.05 PlayStation 4 scene below! 🎁

Download: HAPPY_HOLIDAY_2019_OPOISSO893.7z (13.01 MB - Password: via opoisso893 on Twitter)

Happy Holiday 2019 by OPOISSO893 Installation:
  • Start HEN on your PS4 5.05
  • Go to: DEBUG SETTINGS Menu / GAME / Install Package
  • Install UT0016-CUSA06833_00-UTH0000000007903-A0000-V0100.pkg
  • Install UT0016-CUSA06833_00-UTH0000000007903.pkg (It will ask to install same package. Click on YES)
  • Go to Themes Menu to select and apply your new Theme.
Note: After Reboot, your new Theme is still applied to your user account (No need HEN)
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2019 from The PSXHAX Team!.jpg


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