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Similar to what's been done with LittleBigPlanet customizing and recreations, recently Bearly Regal on Twitter shared a Metal Gear Solid HD Remake now playable in Dreams by Media Molecule on PS4 with a demonstration video from his YouTube Channel below. :D

Download: Metal Gear Solid HD Remake

And from the video's description, to quote: Explore my homage to Metal Gear Solid today in Dreams on PS4. Collect all the Rations to unlock a suite of collectables so you can build your very own MGS inspired game.

The original plan was to rebuild the entire game but unfortunately I don't have the time to continue the project (and my health isn't particularly great either) so I'm passing the gauntlet over to you!

Metal Gear Solid HD Remake - Teaser 1 (DREAMS)
Metal Gear Solid HD Remake - Teaser 2 (DREAMS)
Metal Gear Solid HD Remake - Final Trailer (DREAMS)
Metal Gear Solid HD Remake in Dreams on PS4 by Bearly Regal.jpg


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