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We've covered PS4 Pro Fan Noise Testing, a PS4 Fan Booster Payload and some PS4 Fan Control Payloads to adjust the PlayStation 4 fan speed and temperature... with the latest MiraTempReport PS4 Payload utilizing a special version of Mira (Updates) that reports the console temperature every minute via notifications from @zecoxao on Twitter crediting @LightningMods (Twitter) and @Al Azif (Twitter) for doing the fun stuff alongside some PS4 Temperature PKG updates via @Lapy (aka Lapy05575948 on Twitter). 🔥

Download: MiraTempReport.7z (172.44 KB - includes MiraTempReportByLMAndAlAzif.bin and MiraLoader.elf) / MiraLoader.elf (Mirror) / Live Demo / MUXI672 PRO Alpha / PS4 Xplorer 1.24 (includes APU temperature) / PS4 Temperature 1.0.pkg (64 MB) / PS4 Temperature 1.01 + Lapy.pkg (64.1 MB) / PS4 Temperature 1.02 + Lapy.pkg (64.1 MB) / PS4 Temperature 1.03-Lapy.pkg (75.8 MB) / PS4 Temperature 1.04.rar (45.6 MB - contains PS4 Temperature 1.04.pkg with 7.50 / 7.51 / 7.55 FW support) / LAPY20006.pkg / (48.13 MB - PS4 Temperature v1.06 PKG with 9.00 Support)

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And from the included Readme.txt:

  • Place MiraLoader.elf inside /user/ folder or in your USB device and connect USB device if not in /user/ folder
  • Launch MiraTempReport
  • Report your temperatures each minute of game time, from several games
u32 sceKernelGetCpuTemperature(u64 res);

u64 numb;
u32 ret = sceKernelGetCpuTemperature(&numb);
printf("sceKernelGetCpuTemperature returned %i\n", ret);
printf("TEMP %d°C\n", numb);
sceKernelGetCpuTemperature returned 0
sceKernelGetCpuFrequency returned 1.60 GHz

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Download: ps4fancontrol-1.0.0-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz / PS4FanControl GIT by Ps3itaTeam
Update psxitarch v2 27/03/21
First remove this pkg:
sudo pacman -R jwm-git
sudo pacman -Rc openobex
After open the file /etc/pacman.conf, change the repo from to, update psxitarch with:
sudo pacman -Syu
Answer yes to all, when you get the message that some packages are corrupted because the keyring are outdated, answer no to " want delete the corrupted packages?", this should abort the upgrade of system.
To fix the corrupted packages just install archlinux-keyring with sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring
Now you can finally update the system and drivers with
sudo pacman -Syu && sudo pacman -S jwm
From PS4 Get CPU Clock Speed 9.00 Code
void cpuFrequency() {
	u64 v1;
	uint8_t* kernel_base = (uint8_t*)(__readmsr(0xC0000082) - 0x1C0);
	u64*(*devclass_find)(char*) = (void*)(kernel_base + 0x38DEC0);
	u64(*devclass_get_device)(u64 a1, int a2) = (void*)(kernel_base + 0x38E480);
	long long(*cpufreq_get)(u64 a1, int* a2) = (void*)(kernel_base + 0x2830D0);

	//long long(*sub_FFFFFFFFDDD46D90)(long long a1, long long *a2, long long a3) = (void*)(kernel_base + 0x1FAD90);
	//u32(*cpufreq_pre_change)(u64 a1, int* a2, u64 unk) = (void*)(kernel_base + 0x282800);//change CPU clock speed, I tried 1866Mhz and It worked for me once & after using it again my PS4 crashed, Maybe I didn't use this function well?

	//long long v30 = v1 + 8LL * (u8)(kernel_base + 0x1A6FC80);
	//long long v23 = sub_FFFFFFFFDDD46D90(*(u64*)(v1 + 2048), &v30, (long long)(kernel_base + 0x1A6FC80));
	u64* v0 = devclass_find("cpufreq");
	v1 = devclass_get_device((long long)v0, 0);
	cpufreq_get(v1, &freq);
	printf("CPU clock speed: %dMHz", freq);
	int mhz = 1600;
	int *v38 = &mhz;
	//cpufreq_pre_change(v1, v38, 1000LL);

int _main(void) {
kexec(cpuFrequency, NULL);
MiraTempReport Mira Temperature Reports PS4 Payload via Notifications.jpg



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So at what temp should I start to worry and maybe turn off my PS4? And what should the setting be at? Cuz I’ve always noticed that temp control but always left it alone. I rarely ever play for more than an hour but still would be good to know.


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Interesting feature. But obviously only applicable for one game (and XMB) per session. As soon as a second title is started, the effect is cancelled and can only be activated properly after a reboot.


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If you like, you can copy the ApplicationCache.db of my menu via PS4-Xplorer or FTP to the browser cache /user/system/webkit/webbrowser/appcache/ApplicationCache.db (Important: the other two files (ApplicationCache.db-shm and ApplicationCache.db-wal) must be deleted there. This menu contains 3 HEN versions and also the TempReport Payload. The menu is accessed via the user manual.
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