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We've covered PS4 Pro Fan Noise Testing, a PS4 Fan Booster Payload and some PS4 Fan Control Payloads to adjust the PlayStation 4 fan speed and temperature... with the latest MiraTempReport PS4 Payload utilizing a special version of Mira (Updates) that reports the console temperature every minute via notifications from @zecoxao on Twitter crediting @LightningMods (Twitter) and @Al Azif (Twitter) for doing the fun stuff. šŸ”„

Download: MiraTempReport.7z (172.44 KB - includes MiraTempReportByLMAndAlAzif.bin and MiraLoader.elf) / MiraLoader.elf (Mirror) / Live Demo / MUXI672 PRO Alpha / PS4 Xplorer 1.24 (includes APU temperature) / PS4 Temperature 1.0.pkg (64 MB) via Lapy05575948 / PS4 Temperature 1.01 + Lapy.pkg (64.1 MB) via Lapy05575948 / PS4 Temperature 1.02 + Lapy.pkg (64.1 MB) via Lapy05575948

And from the included Readme.txt:

  • Place MiraLoader.elf inside /user/ folder or in your USB device and connect USB device if not in /user/ folder
  • Launch MiraTempReport
  • Report your temperatures each minute of game time, from several games
u32 sceKernelGetCpuTemperature(u64 res);

u64 numb;
u32 ret = sceKernelGetCpuTemperature(&numb);
printf("sceKernelGetCpuTemperature returned %i\n", ret);
printf("TEMP %dĀ°C\n", numb);
sceKernelGetCpuTemperature returned 0
sceKernelGetCpuFrequency returned 1.60 GHz
MiraTempReport Mira Temperature Reports PS4 Payload via Notifications.jpg



Works wonderfully for temperature monitoring. Most games refused to run with Mira, so I couldn't do good comparison tests.

Apparently the Original PS4 has a way too loose fan curve. It reached 82 C and didn't even kick the fan into high gear (this was after modifying the case for better airflow. Setting it to Max fan speed sent it into a cool 50 C during a game.

My slim on the other hand, followed its builtin curve and hit it fairly often. Targeting 65 C was a good compromise between cool and noise.
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