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We've seen a lot of real-time modding for PS4 Games lately, and today Game Mod Developer @GrimDoe shared a demonstration video of his first RTM Tool for Mortal Kombat 9 (MK9) on PS3 Custom Firmware! :D

Let him know what you think in the comments below and enjoy haX'ers! (y)

MK9 RTM Tool for Mortal Kombat 9 on PS3 CFW Demo by GrimDoe.jpg


Thank you @PSXHAX
This was a Great morning surprise for me I been at work all day today and I just got in. I'll start more work on this MK9 RTM Tool a bit later tonight and maybe more other Tools as well within the near future "Singularity" ;):):cool:
People still play this?
IDK if theres much desire to play online since there's MK X But When it comes to Modding its still on ! Theres a big community on strictly modding the game from reskining characters to playing with (NPC/ non playable characters) also switching characters moves with other characters moves

Theres a lot We do with Mortal Kombat 9 on PS3 & PC and some times on Xbox360.

Also Thanks to Everyone for the support
You're very welcomed... it's nice when those doing the mods are also a member of the community here too instead of just random YouTube users, etc :D
Looks sweet @GrimDoe! (y)

Also below are some more PlayStation 3 RTM video demos reuploaded from @MrNiato.. thanks @raedoob for letting me know:

[PS3/BO2] Zombie RTM Tool [1.19]
[PS3/AW] Exo Zombie Mod Menu [1.20]
[PS3/AW] Complete RTM Tool [1.20]
[BO3/PS3] SkyFall Mod Menu SPRX All Clients [1.07/Zombie]
[PS3] All COD Recovery Software [From COD4-BO3]
[BO3/PS3] Spectre Engine Mod Menu SPRX All Clients [1.07/Multiplayer]
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