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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Apr 27, 2024 at 10:55 AM       8      
This weekend @ih8god13 aka D0ng3r released a MKReturns PS4 Port Homebrew FPKG (Early Build) that was originally developed by Eyeballistic alongside a video clip demonstration of it in action for those interested. 🕹️ 🎮

Download: MKReturns-BO0813-DICK51015_00-A0100-V0100.pkg (292 MB)

Here's further MK Returns PS4 Port release details from ih8god's post, to quote:

Thought I would share the port of MK Returns the Eyeballistic demoed a couple years back ported to PS4.

I was happy to get it into a playable state considering the shaders were all custom and the characters wouldn't even show up.

I am now working on moving in some of the assets from the GameMaker version they did around the same time and found some nice pieces in a MUGEN build I think that goes back to like 2019 or so. More backgrounds, Scorpion will be playable and likely get TYM in there.

Open to collaborating if anyone is interested as well so feel free to reach out. I don't PC game so that is really the reason behind doing this. Hope you the initiative and any future updates I can provide.

Should work on 4.50 and up.
- Cheers!

And from his Github Page: Originally developed by Eyeballistic. Some to-do's still include things such as:
  • Ice, frozen and blood effects.
  • Any additional characters. Ermac was pallet-swapped Sub-Zero in the demo as it was.
  • Audio and video settings.
  • Controller config binding.
  • Two-player versus mode.
There is some screen tearing as well that will need some attention but I figured I would share the current state anyway.

I will keeping working on this as time permits to get it to the best it can be and as close to the original demo as possible.

This should work on PS4s running exploitable firmware 4.50 and above.

I have also reached out to Eyeballistic in hopes they might be willing to share additional assets to further build on this and give the homebrew PS community a solid MK to play.

Screens and video are using the built in functionality on a PS4 Slim running 9.00 and Goldhen 2.3.

Special thanks goes out to @Lapy for all of the support and encouragement during this adventure.

- D0ng3r

Cheers to @DEFAULTDNB for the heads-up on this Mortal Kombat Returns PS4 Port news via Twitter earlier today! 🍻
MKReturns PS4 Port Homebrew FPKG (Early Build) via D0ng3r.png


Impressive will be when I finish Terrordrome for the PS4.

I am hoping to get back into working on the MK Returns port this weekend or maybe next week.

Thanks for the praise and the the post here about it. I'll make a point to come back here and let y'all know when I have any new builds ready.

I will have to drop my firmware back to run tests as my lowest is like 7.55. I built using 4.50 though. If you have any crash logs, please share. Considering the amount of downloads this has received, you are the first claim of issues. Also, 'Not working' is pretty slop in terms of being able to provide any sort of possible fix.

I currently do not have a new build to share but progress has continued. Assets just take me so stupid long to work through. I also get distracted very easily. Example: Mortal Kabinets Some MK Arcade Cab Models

- D0ng3r