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I have a few standard PS4's at or below 9.0 FW all in working condition and tested, 500gb-2tb hard drives. Let me know if you're interested. Also have boot drives available and can add content so its ready to go.

Also have some Nintendo Switches version 1 all tested and working with accessories. Sd cards 256gb, 400gb, 512gb all sandisk. Multiple OEM joycons all tested and working, grey, bright orange, blue (the standard colors), or I can do shell swap with new buttons. I can add whatever you'd like, dock, charger, pro controller, joycon grip, content, etc.

Also have a few Xbox 360's for parts or repair and a ton of used xbox 360 games, some ps3 games. Few working 360 controllers, 2 xbox one controllers, some ps2 controllers.

let me know if you want pictures.


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how much you looking to get out of one of them switches? ive never had one but ive always wanted a gen 1 switch to tinker with and run homebrew on. just out of curiosity as i looooove modding my consoles, i find it fascinating.


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@stinger101mg I didn't think I'd discuss Nintendo Switch on a PS4 site, but ya, how much are you looking to spend on a version 1 nintendo switch?

I got a complete in box with SXOS currently installed, but I never use it anymore.. You can simply format the SD card, and start over with Atmostphere if you like. Let me know if your interested in buying it.