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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Feb 28, 2024 at 5:02 PM       19      
Some more PS4 FPKGs are released by @opoisso893 on Twitter with help from @golemnight to play on Jailbroken PS4 consoles in the PS4Scene and via PS5 4.03 HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler, PS5 4.50 HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler, PS5 4.51 HEN PS4 FPKG Enabler among additional ports alongside another PS5 Game Dump by scene group DUPLEX for Hacked PS5 console owners in the PS5Scene. 😃

You can support these ongoing PlayStation 4 game dumping, backporting and DLC efforts via the private area release topics for Verified Members, or by following and sending @opoisso893 aka backport893 a Twitter DM for current donation options. 🫶

Here are the related Tweets and release details from the ongoing discussion topics for Verified Members (Verification Guide):

:arrow: Mountain Racing - CUSA41733 v1.00 [9.00]
Release with original keystone by @opoisso893
  • Mountain.Racing_CUSA41733_v1.00_[9.00]_OPOISSO893.rar (107.50 MB)
Mountain Racing - CUSA41733 v1.00 BACKPORT [5.05/6.72/7.xx/8.xx]
Works with @opoisso893 release
  • Mountain.Racing_CUSA41733_v1.00_BACKPORT_[5.05-6.72-7.xx-8.xx]_OPOISSO893.rar (63.38 MB)
:arrow: Cult of the Lamb - CUSA32184 v1.00 [9.00]
Release with original keystone by @opoisso893/@golemnight
  • Cult.of.the.Lamb_CUSA32184_v1.00_[9.00]_OPOISSO893.rar (1022.81 MB)
Cult of the Lamb - CUSA32184 v1.21 [9.00]
Works with @opoisso893/@golemnight release
  • Cult.of.the.Lamb_CUSA32184_v1.21_[9.00]_OPOISSO893.rar (2.25 GB)
Cult of the Lamb - CUSA32184 v1.21 BACKPORT [5.05/6.72/7.xx/8.xx]
Works with @opoisso893/@golemnight release
  • Cult.of.the.Lamb_CUSA32184_v1.21_BACKPORT_[5.05-6.72-7.xx-8.xx]_OPOISSO893.rar (2.25 GB)
Cult of the Lamb - CUSA32184 DLC PACK [3]
Works with @opoisso893/@golemnight release
  • Cult.of.the.Lamb_CUSA32184_DLC-PACK_[3]_OPOISSO893.rar (3 MB)
    • Cult.of.the.Lamb_CUSA32184_Cultist.Pack.DLC_OPOISSO893.pkg
    • Cult.of.the.Lamb_CUSA32184_Relics.Cosmatic.Pack_OPOISSO893.pkg
    • Cult.of.the.Lamb_CUSA32184_Sins.of.the.Flesh.Pack_OPOISSO893.pkg
Cult of the Lamb - CUSA32184 DLC PACK [3] by OPOISSO893

    - Install Cult of the Lamb - Opoisso893/Golemnight release
    - Install v1.21
    - Install DLC

    - v1.00: release with original keystone by Opoisso893/Golemnight
    - Dumped by Opoisso893

    - Cult of the Lamb Cultist Pack DLC
    - Cult of the Lamb Relics Cosmatic Pack (Heretic Pack)
    - Cult of the Lamb Sins of the Flesh Pack (Sinful Pack)

:arrow: Maze - The Amazing Labyrinth - CUSA42167 v1.00 [9.00]
Release with original keystone by @opoisso893
  • Maze.The.Amazing.Labyrinth_CUSA42167_v1.00_[9.00]_OPOISSO893.rar (80 MB)
Maze - The Amazing Labyrinth - CUSA42167 v1.00 BACKPORT [5.05/6.72/7.xx/8.xx]
Works with @opoisso893 release
  • Maze.The.Amazing.Labyrinth_CUSA42167_v1.00_BACKPORT_[5.05-6.72-7.xx-8.xx]_OPOISSO893.rar (63.38 MB)
:arrow: AMAZE! - CUSA42694 v1.00 [9.00]
Release with original keystone by @opoisso893
  • AMAZE!_CUSA42694_v1.00_[9.00]_OPOISSO893.rar (108.88 MB)
AMAZE! - CUSA42694 v1.00 BACKPORT [5.05/6.72/7.xx/8.xx]
Works with @opoisso893 release
  • AMAZE!_CUSA42694_v1.00_BACKPORT_[5.05-6.72-7.xx-8.xx]_OPOISSO893.rar (85.69 MB)
And from scene group DUPLEX comes:

- D U P L E X -

P R O U D L Y   P R E S E N T S


Date      : 02-2024                   Languages: English, Japanese
Platform  : PS5 FW 4.51               Genre    : Horror

Release Info:

Ikai is a first-person psychological horror game drawing inspiration from
Japanese folklore. Live the horror by the hand of its defining yokais and
submerge into the superstitions of the past driven by a unique story and
Ikai embodies the spirit of the classical psychological horror genre with a
defenceless main character incapable of attacking the evil creatures.
However, it explores a new sense of horror by making the player face the
threats directly neither fleeing nor attacking.
FEAR: Experience the horror in first-person by the hand of Japanese spirits,
monsters and yokais

EXPLORATION: Wander around a feudal shinto shrine and explore to unveil the
story behind

DRAWING: Concentrate on drawing protective seals over the strange sounds and
events happening around

PUZZLES: Pit your wits against the several puzzles that will try to stop you

STEALTH & RUN: Be silent, do not disturb the evil  Or just run, run away
from it all, if you can...

Release Notes:



Languages (voice):  English, Japanese
Languages (screen): Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), English, French (Canada),
French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish


In order to play our rips you need a PS5 with Firmware 4.51 and Itemzflow.
This release is not in the usual fpkg format and contains files.

Enjoy This Fine DUPLEX Release

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