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Mortal Kombat 9 Real-Time Mod (RTM) Tool for PS3 CFW by GrimDoe.jpg

Following my MK9 RTM Tool demo, here is my CFW PS3 Mortal Kombat 9 Real Time Mod (RTM) Tool for Game Patch 1.02.

Also when there is further info on what works on the latest game (patch 1.07) I'll update the Tool as soon as I locate the new areas within 1.07.

All of any of My RTM Tools go by the Games Patches.

Link: MK9 RTM Tool 1.02.rar (4.1 MB)

How to Select your NPC Fighter
  • Select your NPC Fighter when the Round is Loding and Right before the fight ends
  • Check Off the NPC Fighter and Check (P1 Or P2 NPC Fix) and when the Next Match is loading up, Uncheck the Fix and Check Another NPC Fighter
(MK9 KE (1.07) Patch Working List)
  • Player 1 & 2 Death Work
  • Player 1 & 2 Health Max Work
And All Of the Stages Work
  • Player Select for 1 or 2 Does not Work
  • DEMO Mode Does Not Work
  • Auto Fatality Does Not Work
  • Anytime Fatality Does Not Work
  • GOLD 99999999 Does Not Work
Thanks to everyone within The Mortal Kombat Community and to all of the Great Supporters :)

Hit Me up on:


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That site (ran by GaryOPA's TrueBlue Re-DRM dongle buddy Senaxx) requires users to be registered to download files unfortunately.
Senaxx isn't affiliated with garyOPA, perhaps he was friends with him in the past or still is, but in no way is he affiliated with him, i was once friends with garyOPA until i found out he was the major pushing force behind True Blue, being friends with someone does not make you bad or affiliated with them.

I don't mind Devs linking to their own blog/page/site/twitter/etc to download files (Rebug, for example) nor do I mind linking to sites like Senaxx's... but to 'force' people to sign up somewhere just to download what they are promoting elsewhere is lame when there are countless free file-sharing services available.
1.) PS3News always forced people to sign up in order to download something.
2.) I cannot even view PS3News anymore without being forced to turn off my Ad-Block.
3.) A site such as Senaxx's gives extra security as you know the stuff uploaded to there is safe and secure, all those files posted to any upload site could be full of viruses or any manor of vile bug, so it is worth the minor 5 second inconvenience to sign up to a site such as Senaxx's to feel safer.


Staff Member
@GregoryRasputin Yes, he is affiliated with him... it's been all around the Web for years, so we'll have to go to our graves agreeing to disagree on that. :)

To answer your other statements:

1) I used to work with Max Louarn also, what's the point? This is 2017, only an IDIOT would host such files after the crackdowns Sony did during GeoHot's spree let alone today's DMCA enforcement... even if the servers are in the Netherlands it isn't worth it and eventually they'll get nabbed. :rolleyes:

2) Don't visit there, that site is completely dead anyway. :p

3) That's your opinion, and you're welcomed to it! :tup: However, many feel it's burdensome and completely unnecessary to join countless sites just to download one file when those same files are publicly available elsewhere on the Internet.

Besides the sheer inconvenience of having to fill out registration forms, why would someone want to open their email and info to 20 different sites to spam just for a false sense of security when most scene sites (GBATemp, Se7enSins, Wololo, etc) and GIT Repos allow people to remain anonymous to download files from free file-sharing host links that don't require logging in to do so. ;)

I hate to be the one to break the news to you that I found out years ago from the original owner of before he sold out to PSX-Scene (Caputo Media at the time)... trying to compile an extensive 'download archive' is far too risky and won't pay off however you or Senaxx tries to cash in on the outdated idea.


Well I guess i have to defend myself here a little. I have not worked with GaryOpa on True Blue or anything. I just had a different opinion about True Blue then everybody else. But somehow people confused that me being affiliated with GaryOpa and me making a lot of money on True Blue.

The only reason why I have a registration on the website is to kill of leechers and monitor the whole crap a little. And cash in? I've only made a few bucks when Google ads was still around on my site and that's like 8 years ago. I've had Google ads on my website for like 2 months until Google decided that the content against their rules. I've tried a few other advertisers but decided it was not worth the trouble.

From that day I've never made a penny off the website. And till this day i'm paying every bit of hosting out of my own pocket. Everyone that want's to host something I host for free.
Till this day I still host all the rebug files, and that brings in a shitload of bandwidth which has to be paid at the end of the month.

And you don't have to agree with my content, my opinions or me as a person or anything. But just get your facts straight instead of calling out nonsense.

I think that there are enough people in the community that can vouch for me, and that i'm not the person that you describe.


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aware of your working ties with max in the past at the height of when pdx was busy
your not a cracker thats for sure but whats debatable is that money trail left during the nintendo crap from way back when. he owes a lot of ppl money and has since gone str8.
So yes i do know psxhax but the past is the past


Staff Member
@Senaxx My facts are straight, and you won't change my mind.

You're also entitled to run your site however you wish, and the same applies here.

We aren't linking to sites for file downloads that hide behind a registration page nag prompt... do you understand that?

If you want your site linked here for file downloads, you'll have to get with the times and remove the login requirement to download.

That's about as simple as I can explain it, and while you're at it make yourself useful and leak the PS4 3.55 *** you've been sitting on. :ROFLMAO:


Nah... i don't mind not getting linked here. Might be better even.

And i'll think i'll keep sitting on that PS4 3.55 *** a bit longer now.
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