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Sorry its been a minute yall since my previous update, now I'm Back with 1.07 MK9 RTM TOOL :)

Mortal Kombat 9 Real-Time Mod (RTM) Tool v1.07 for PS3 CFW by GrimDoe.jpg

Link: MK9 RTM 1.07.rar (4.1 MB)

Here is The MK9 RTM TOOL ((1.07))

Everything is working besides two things:

1, AUTO FATALITY (Is Not Working)
2, Trip Out X-Ray (Is Not Working)

Other then That Everything is Working Just Fine With the NPC and Bosses Fighter's Pick the one you want with in the Time when the Loading Bar is Loading, and Right before the fight ends pick another fighter that is not a Boss Or a NPC_ Fighter

Replace NPC_Fighter B With (Base Male) for Players 1&2

Also Added a Side View When Doing X-Rays
Now With Kung Lao The Screen Go's Black.

That's about it!

Thanks to Everyone in the MK9 Community & The Supporters Out there :)


Also There's a Infinity Clock That you can keep it lock or you can Start your fight from the Two Times (100) Or (666) :devilish: :p :D :cool: lol



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Thanks @GrimDoe, mainpaged the news also! (-:

I split it from the other thread and linked it in the OP because our portal (XenPorta 2) won't let us promote posts within threads, only threads themselves can be promoted = one of my few complaints about XenPorta 2 but meh :whistle:
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