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Emulation on PlayStation 4 has existed in several different formats to date, from PS4 Pong Controlled by Nintendo DS to the GameBoy Emulator Cinoop Ported to PS4 via WebKit Exploit, some PS4 BD-J (Blu-ray Java) Games with an FAQ, to a preview and release of the first emulated Blu-Play title.

We've also seen some PS4 Webkit Emulators, a PS4 JavaScript Emulator demonstration, a GameCube / Wii Dolphin Emulator on PS4 Linux and most recently details on the PS2 Emulation / Directory Structure on PS4.

This weekend PlayStation 4 homebrew developer BigBoss shared a brief teaser preview on Twitter stating "Do you wanna have fun with your PlayStation 4?" as the caption with a picture below of the 1987 Konami MSX game titled Nemesis 2 running on what appears to be a PS4 port of one of the many MSX Emulators. <3

As we await further details on this emulation project and hopefully a public PS4 scene release, those like myself looking to get your retrogaming on can do so right from your PC or smartphone with the latest MAME or MAMEUI release and of course a complete set of videogame ROMs from sites such as ROM-Burner or Usenet for free.

MSX Game Nemesis 2 Emulation on PS4 Preview by BigBoss.jpg



Sadly he has White Slim at the right & Pro in the left and FAT in the middle at the top just under his TV and both FAT & SLiM are Powered ON so i dont know which one is using his homebrew on....
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