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Over the weekend we saw the MTX Key PS4 ModChip Installation Process, and today a Turkish YouTube user who goes by Yildiz PS3 PS4 Cafe shared some videos of the PS4 Game Installation Process when using an MTX Key with the PlayStation 4 console. :cool:

Beyond shops and resellers, some end-users are finally receiving their MTX Key ModChip (hopefully the MTX Key Gerber Files will surface soon), and while there is an English Install Manual and PS4 Game Transfer Tutorial many questions remain... so if you already have an MTX Key and can help answer some it would definitely be appreciated! <3

Thanks once again to @Figure03 for the tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :thumbup:
MTX Key Game Installation Process Demos by Yildiz PS3 PS4 Cafe.jpg


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Chaos Kid

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modifying flashrom is very risky for this whole process.

this isn't the whole batch of keys as it's pretty long list


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Some detailed info was posted HERE on the MTX Key, and it sounds like lists of either your friends PSN accounts or hacked ones filled with games are loaded onto the chip so the required credentials get copied to the PS4 allowing the games to work.
Hopefully as soon as people who have used the MTX Key firsthand figure it all out they'll let the rest of us know exactly how everything is done with a quick summary of game download methods HERE. ;)

Chaos Kid

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MTX is quite simple look at the flash onboard the system then look at MTX flash notice anything? perhaps it's nothing more then the original chip. the only difference MTX is a modified flashrom 32mb to be exact.

if you read thro the code you will also find its sys-v now do some Google. if some one here was clever you could use this for a Linux doorway with modifying uboot from the initial chip.

after examining the pin out you will notice alot of details including a nice way to put a hold on the bios but this is not for software people


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Buddy am sure that the process of game sharing is unclear. Hope many are in my boat sailing along with me.

I am a noob when it comes to mtx.. I am kind of stuck at a point where I feel ashamed that I have no clue how to give / share some games to my friend..

Now I have my own PSN I'd that has 6 full version legally downloaded games.. well I chipped my PS4 with matrix.. now I have a friend who has a PS4 and we are in the process of soldering a chip to his console as well...

The chip is soldered fine and every step is followed and light indicators glow fine.. I am really not sure how to provide my games to him. Our favour is on external hard drive....... How do I do that ?

I have a usb 3.0 Toshiba external HDD which is empty. Help us please ? Am feeling nobody has yet come up with a app or something to show how game sharing takes place after mtx is being fit. It am I missing something really big.. help us.

Thanks in advance psxhax for bringing in hack news and keeping the scene alive.

Chaos Kid

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flashrom is a patch is it not? can be updated. maybe look at it first try and understand it it's custom but not impossible to update very small update will do it all
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