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I saw this publication on facebook ! It puts on sale a spoofer to make run the mtx on firmware 1.76 to 4.73 !

I know it is possible with charle proxy or ps proxy to bypass some updates but it intrigues me to see that this spoof work on firmware 1.76 and I would like to have your opinions also on the subject!



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I'm at a PC now and fixed the image and added the FB link, however, in the PS3 scene Team SGK were ridiculed by most and earlier rumors from them in the PS4 scene didn't amount to anything either.

Also in the Shoutbox earlier today @detilmalala shared a post on ELO by AcomoLaChipiada which mentions the E3 Share clone updatable via USB port to run on 4.73 although it may just be working for those who haven't updated their PS4 OFW to 4.73 yet as once they do all their games will be locked as we've already seen.

If anyone has additional info on this let us know and thanks. ;)


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i message them to get proof they respond but no proof, says they will only sell to 15 people for 50$ each. i think it is a scam.