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It means that we are fools, and freeplex a bad person, who sold an unnecessary product to unlimited share games. Because we could use the bug without a device. Thats all.
Hii guys in my video here I proved that MTX key was fake chip :

Important Note :

I tested it on 4.73 ofw u will still have the activation on ur console after deactived but u still active as primary on Sony server too. So th method have been patched on 4.73 ofw.
We had another topic on this so I merged it into this ongoing discussion thread.

So far to summarize:
  • A modchip isn't necessary to do PS4 gamesharing methods
  • Existing modchips only work until someone updates to 4.73
If anyone finds out more, keep us posted and thanks! :love:
so we achieved copying games without $ony's permission (some might even say backups) which is exactly what $ony does not want you to do to and we didn't even jailbreak the console..... i guess (like every time) hackers win
The essence of the method is simple! The method worked only on firmware 4.70-4.72

Activate the account in the game, then go to the Deactivate section, but do not click "Yes". We disconnect the LAN cable, we get the dns error. At the moment, ps4 is on defense, because the connection is disabled when deactivated.

On the account control panel, ps4 remains suspended on the account, but in games we get locks. Then again go to the deactivation section, click again to disable (yes, do not click).

We turn on the LAN cable, wait 5 seconds to connect to the Internet and click "Yes". As a result, the activation signal can be received in a couple of seconds - than PS4 sends a deactivation request when the "Yes" button is pressed.

In the control panel we receive a free account - we sent a deactivation signal. And games without locks - since we received a signal from the server that our account was activated on this subject.

What did MTX-key do? Nothing! They just burned the light bulb when we got a connection to the server, and only after that it was necessary to click the "Yes" button. This is an indicator that reacts to interference.

How to win on my video, I just count 5 seconds

Sorry for the bad translation
Smart guy, but this method worked on 4.55 as well, search precisely
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