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Bear with me on this one, as many of you will have a lot of knowledge on this. But I am a dinosaur compared to some.

I have a PS3 Superslim on OFW 4.70
Now Sky TV in all their wisdom will not let you watch their app on your TV via an android box. Something to do with blocking the HDMI.
So I turned to the PS3 for guidance and, yes, it will allow me to watch TV via this media (I will not pay the extortionate amount for the multiroom)

Right, my question.
If I go online to watch Sky, via the PS3, will Sony want me to upgrade the firmware?
If so, I will lose the exploit I have on my son's box.

All help,as usual, greatly appreciated


Most streaming apps require you to be on the latest firmware, there are fixed versions that bypass the need to sign into PSN for CFW but not sure they work on OFW.

Try loading the app and see, if it asks you to update the firmware just click no. If you upgrade it you will lose the exploit yes. Load the app and see, you might not be able to use it but atleast you will have your answer.


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First off all Do you have Sky Packages? as in-order to use any Sky App on Playstation 4/3 & even Xbox. You need to be a sky Customer.


Thanks Dazza, I'll give it a go on the connection. This PS3 has never been online.

Vultrababe. I have a Sky account with Sports and Movies. I'd rather have it on another screen than my TV because I can never get any peace when the football comes on.