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Following the PS Vita PFS, RSA Modulus and Exponent Keys and recent F00d hack, today PlayStation Vita hacker Yifan Lu has released Vita Netcheck Bypass which allows users to bypass applications that require a PSN login with details below.

Download: netcheck_bypass.suprx / Latest Version / GIT

To quote from the Vita Netcheck Bypass

Add this to your ux0:tai/config.txt for any application that requires PSN login to bypass it.

Note this only bypasses login and the application might fail elsewhere if it requires PSN functions. It's useful for apps that require PSN but does not use it.

Note: After I made this I realized it still won't let you link your PS4 to a new Vita for remote play because that actually needs PSN. I haven't tested anything else.


The code is public domain and can be used in any way you want.
Netcheck_bypass.suprx PlayStation Vita Netcheck Bypass by Yifan Lu.jpg