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First and foremost, Zippyshare announced on their blog they're shutting down at the end of this month so backup any important files before then. :eek:

Also below are some new backported PS4 PKG Games including a Farming Simulator 22 v1.18 PS4 PKG + All PS4 DLC PKGs, a Madden NFL 23 v1.13 PS4 PKG and a Garbage Pail Kids Mad Mike and the Quest for Stale Gum v1.02 PS4 PKG from backporter @CyB1K (aka Cyberpt1000) with help from @Archi55, @Barquillo, @d33j4y, @mrBOOT and TRIFECTA (@Grief247allday, @jwooh and @stripnwild) alongside a DELTARUNE Chapter 1 & 2 v1.06 PS4 PKG and a PGA TOUR 2K23 v1.12 PS4 PKG from @opoisso893 (aka backport893) with help from @golemnight to enjoy on PS4 Jailbroken consoles in the PlayStation 4 Scene. :tup:

🆕 Those interested in supporting these ongoing PS4 game backporting & DLC efforts can do so via the private area release topics for Verified Members, dropping by @mrBOOT's Ko-fi / PayPal / 1Fichier / Uptobox pages or by following and sending Cyberpt1000 (🪙 BTC) and backport893 a DM on Twitter for their current donation options. 💕

Here are the file details from the ongoing discussion topics for Verified Members (Verification Guide) with related Tweets:

:arrow: CUSA25807

[CUSA25807] Farming Simulator 22 Update v1.18 + All DLC Fully Backported


  • UP4399-CUSA25807_00-2857473382458244-A0100-V0100-CyB1K.pkg (11.89 GB)
Update Backported:
  • UP4399-CUSA25807_00-2857473382458244-A0118-V0100-CyB1K.pkg (7.93 GB)
  • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.DLC.Pack-Arczi-CyB1K.rar (14.14 MB)
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.AGI.Pack-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Antonio.Carraro.Pack-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Claas.Saddle.Pack-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.ERO.Grapeliner-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Fendt.900.Vario.Black.Beauty-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Forestry.Pack-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Goweil.Pack-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Kubota.Pack-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Mack.Trucks.Black.Anthem-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Porsche.Diesel.Junior.108-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Pumps.N.Hoses-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Vermeer.Pack-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Volvo.LM.845-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Volvo.T.425.Krabat-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
    • CUSA25807.Farming.Simulator.22.Zetor.25.K-Arczi-CyB1K.pkg
CUSA25807 Farming Simulator 22 DLC Pack
Works with UP4399-CUSA25807_00-2857473382458244-A0118-V0100-CyB1K.pkg released by my friend CyB1K

Content INFO:
- Antonio Carraro Pack
- Claas Saddle Pack
- Fendt 900 Vario Black Beauty
- Mack Trucks Black Anthem
- AGI Pack
- ERO Grapeliner
- Kubota Pack
- Pumps N' Hoses
- Forestry Pack
- Porsche Diesel Junior 108
- Vermeer Pack
- Volvo LM 845
- Volvo T 425 Krabat
- Zetor 25 K
- Göweil Pack

Made together with CyB1K
Thanks to Barquillo previous pack, otherwise it would be harder to figure out how to unlock all

Install The Base Game "UP4399-CUSA25807_00-2857473382458244-A0100-V0100-CyB1K.pkg" Then Install This Update (No Fixes Required)

Special thanks to @Barquillo!

Notes: 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55 / 9.00 Backport! Includes all DLCs done with Arczi (@Archi55) and the help of @Barquillo previous pack, including the future Goweil Pack which i used logic to figure the content id, since its not released yet. Im a smart dude haha Also had to remake the icon of the DLC since the ingame one was too small, so used my photoshop skills, its not perfect cuz i have no patience for photoshop today but its much better than what we had lol


By CyB1K

:arrow: CUSA30658

[CUSA30658] Madden NFL 23 Update 1.13 Fully Backported


  • EP0006-CUSA30658_00-MADDENNFL23GAME1-A0100-V0100-CyB1K.pkg (32.99 GB)
Update Backported:
  • EP0006-CUSA30658_00-MADDENNFL23GAME1-A0113-V0100-CyB1K.pkg (6.26 GB)
Update (9.00+):
  • EP0006-CUSA30658_00-MADDENNFL23GAME1-A0113-V0100-9.00-CyB1K.pkg (6.23 GB)
Install The Base Game "EP0006-CUSA30658_00-MADDENNFL23GAME1-A0100-V0100-CyB1K.pkg" Then Install This Update (No Fixes Required)

:music: Special thanks to @d33j4y for paying the disc! :bananaman9:

Notes: 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55 Backport! I cant play this lol Cant advance a single inch from set hahaha (This remains the same lol)


By CyB1K

:arrow: CUSA32221

[CUSA32221] Garbage Pail Kids Mad Mike and the Quest for Stale Gum Update 1.02 Fully Backported


  • UP2751-CUSA32221_00-GARBAGEPAILKIDSU-A0100-V0100-TRIFECTA-CyB1K.pkg (968.38 MB)
Update Backported:
  • UP2751-CUSA32221_00-GARBAGEPAILKIDSU-A0102-V0100-TRIFECTA-CyB1K.pkg (105.81 MB)
Install The Base Game "UP2751-CUSA32221_00-GARBAGEPAILKIDSU-A0100-V0100-TRIFECTA-CyB1K.pkg" Then Install This Update (No Fixes Required)

Special thanks to Fugazi (@mrBOOT - Ko-fi / PayPal / 1Fichier / Uptobox)!

Notes: 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.55 / 9.00 Backport! CyB1K Day continues! Released together with TRIFECTA (@Grief247allday, @jwooh and @stripnwild)! @jwooh wanted me to do this cuz he loves it, never heard of it lol


By CyB1K

:arrow: CUSA15235

DELTARUNE Chapter 1 - CUSA15235 v1.00 [6.72]

Release with original keystone by @opoisso893
  • DELTARUNE.Chapter.1_CUSA15235_v1.00_[6.72]_OPOISSO893.rar (77.29 MB)
DELTARUNE Chapter 1 & 2 - CUSA15235 v1.06 [9.00]
Works with @opoisso893 release
  • DELTARUNE.Chapter.1.and.2_CUSA15235_v1.06_[9.00]_OPOISSO893.rar (113.05 MB)
DELTARUNE Chapter 1 & 2 - CUSA15235 v1.06 BACKPORT [5.05/6.72/7.xx/8.xx]
Works with @opoisso893 release
  • DELTARUNE.Chapter.1.and.2_CUSA15235_v1.06_BACKPORT_[5.05-6.72-7.xx-8.xx]_OPOISSO893.rar (113.05 MB)
:arrow: CUSA29107

PGA TOUR 2K23 - CUSA29107 v1.00 [9.00]

Release with original keystone by @opoisso893/@golemnight
  • PGA.TOUR.2K23_CUSA29107_v1.00_[9.00]_OPOISSO893.rar (8.54 GB)
PGA TOUR 2K23 - CUSA29107 v1.12 [9.00]
Works with @opoisso893/@golemnight release
  • PGA.TOUR.2K23_CUSA29107_v1.12_[9.00]_OPOISSO893.rar (9.49 GB)
PGA TOUR 2K23 - CUSA29107 v1.12 BACKPORT [5.05/6.72/7.xx/8.xx]
Works with @opoisso893/@golemnight release
  • PGA.TOUR.2K23_CUSA29107_v1.12_BACKPORT_[5.05-6.72-7.xx-8.xx]_OPOISSO893.rar (9.50 GB)
New Backported PS4 PKGs in PS4Scene and Zippyshare Closure!.png


@AvataR ZerO
I'm in Ireland, and Zippy works excellent, I consistently get 150-200Mbyte/s (2 gbit broadband) from them so your statement is incorrect. Certain ISP's blocked them under court order, which is hardly their fault is it!
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