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The Tomahawk F1 by Chinese gaming company Fuze is the latest hybrid-looking console heading to gamers.

Below is a Fuze Tomahawk F1 Game Console trailer video.. It looks like a PS4 with an XBox controller.

To quote from "Chinese company Fuze on Tuesday announced a new gaming console, the Tomahawk F1, and it shares some striking similarities to both Sony's PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One.

As you can see, the console itself is clearly inspired by the PS4, while the F1's controller is almost identical in design to the Xbox One's.

The console runs on Android, and will be priced from 899 yuan, which converts to roughly $140, AU$190 and £95."


I'm not a fan of XBox-style controllers personally, but still variety and choice is nice for consumers.

Thanks for the news @Jeff I've mainpaged it now! :)
I can't stand China such as Made in China if you know what I mean. This system is a thumb down all the way! Disgusting clone!
I can understand y they made it and according to my research out there gaming was not allowed but seems the industry is changing for them but is far from a clone tbh.

They picked closest cpu to sony statement but it's not an amd it's mipsel just like ps3 32bit arch ram at 4gb not 2 shabby for hd gaming n cuda just like ps3 this won't be high end but a nice rig for ppl with smaller pockets
Aaaaaand here we go again! this system is a complete knockoff from Emporial Country of KNOCKOFFS!! I can't f*cking stadn the thought of this thing selling world wide. @azoreseuropa you said it best a disgusting clone. but i also get why they made it as well.. @Chaos Kid god for bid it's probably going to be sticking around at LEAST UNTIL the completely digital console era takes over.. this thing a walking disaster though. you know chinese citizens are aloud to buy the PS4 & XBONE now???
Playstation, Microsoft, Google, Facebook ... Every giant company in the world has to acept censorship to trade their products in China, not so to manufacture them, off course.

So... this "console" is a placebo for the people(hundreds of millions) whom cant buy a ps4 or xbone.
And this is mainly a starting pack for a new market, and chinese manufacturers wont stay out.
Just recently(2013/2015) people can buy a game console.
Those rare cases when a game console was in the market before it was promoted as a MULTIMEDIA DEVICE.

And you can be sure of this: "to allow" those "imitations" finally will have a good "return" to the proprietarys companies(all of them manufacturing in China).
So... MS and S are indirectlly beneficiary in this scene.
But you should know that also Keiji Inafune is on the list of developers for this machine.Maybe you dont know whats going on here, dont worry, just bussiness(kickstarter related story).
And Epic Games is 40% chinese, just some examples.

Dont be fooled,guys.
The goal here is to place this console as a secondary device, able to be purchased first.
A smart move: big companies can reach the big market and chinese companies can reach all china market as a prelude of the world.
The key word: complementation.

Thats why this is not a surprise fo everyone, its just an answer to the 2013 consoles related "new platform to the economic cooperation with others countrys" according to chinese gobernment.

Ill buy one, for sure, i spect it has games translated to spanishLA. Or maybe a new "translation" market starts after this...
What can i say? @PLAYER 1 is right. i know "right" when I hear it. calling these consoles a placebo for the the people whom cannot afford to purchase an XBONE or PS4 is just about right. i guess but i still think it's a disgusting way of plagiarization.... WHICH I MIGHT ADD: RED CHINA is known to be Emporial for!! in other words they are king of it all in due regards. but meh.. what can i say? @PLAYER 1 still holds his opinion and it's a good one. and i hold mine. and i think it's a good one. I hope it is. :D anyway, that's my reply. i'm so sleeepy! Lol :p going to bed.

EDIT: before i go let's just hope it's easy to hack. xD should be. after all. "Made in china".. but I dunno about the software.. so your guess is as good as mine.
Im sure both, Sony and MS are well paid for the licenses of these "similaritys", is not a plagio at all.
Just a gobernment/companies trade agreement to polarize the chinese market and keep it "safe" for investment.
Just open your mind and you will see how important is for China to keep the giants S and MS manufacturing and even developing hardware inside the country. China never will try to offend their "rights". The thing here is: you(S,MS) give me this and i (China) will give you that, is a win/win equation.
They are not competing, just complementing, that is the goal.
Dont know if Nintendo will enter to the party(its a endogamic company).
We are talking about even thousands of millions of people(billions you say in english).
Just a look to the past decade numbers of gaming in China can explain it all.
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