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Proceeding the previous batch of videos, with the new week here in PS5 News today we have some fresh PS5 gameplay trailers for those in the PlayStation 5 Scene to check out below! 😃

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Release Date PS5 Announcement

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX launches June 24th 2021. A legend returns in stunning new detail with Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX! Fire up your power bracelet and relive a platforming classic alongside new modes, levels and features!

Merek's Market Official PS5 Trailer

Merek's Market opens for business in 2021! Merek’s Market combines the craftsmanship, characters and chaos of running a medieval shop.

Take ownership of a small shop as you haggle, barter and craft your way through a comical single player campaign or team up with friends to supply the whole town.

Hot Wheels Unleashed PS5 Gameplay Trailer

The first official HotWheelsUnleashed Gameplay Trailer is out! Discover how to race in a dark, rusty, and vintage Garage, and stay tuned, because this is just the first environment unveiled. Much more has to come!

Borderlands 3: Director's Cut Official Launch PS5 Trailer

Take on a colossal raid boss, solve interplanetary mysteries, earn new themed loot, and go behind-the-scenes on the making of Borderlands 3. It all awaits you in the Director’s Cut add-on, available now.

The Darkside Detective Launch PS5 Trailer

Grab your trench coat, tune your sixth sense and join the Darkside Division as they investigate the outright bizarre, the downright dangerous and the mildly confusing cases of Twin Lakes.

Flesh-hungry tentacles, mafian zombies, and the occasional missing sock are no match for The Darkside Detective.

Spellbreak Chapter 2: The Fracture Launch PS5 Trailer

Return to the Hollow Lands for Chapter 2: The Fracture in Spellbreak's biggest update yet! Control zones in the new 5v5 Dominion game mode, compete in ranked Leagues, and complete new Quests to discover what caused the Fracture.

  • Dominion - Spellbreak's new 5v5 objective-based mode! Capture and control zones to gain points for your team while you encounter NPC Vowguards and gear up by visiting the Merchant.
  • Leagues - Spellbreak's new seasonal ranking system! Dominion players compete to rise through increasingly challenging Tiers and Leagues. Earn rewards each season while showcasing your mastery.
  • Uncover the secrets of the cataclysmic Fracture - Return to the Hollow Lands with new chapter content! Ward off an incursion by the sinister Vowkeepers through 12 weeks of Story and Honor Quests.
  • Ascending Outfits - Complete quests to unlock evolving tiers of this new Outfit type!
  • Explore the New Banehelm - The northwest region has been given a makeover with new points of interest and environments.
  • A HUGE amount of gameplay and balance updates, environment features, bug fixes, matchmaking improvements, UI/UX refinements, and much more!

Hitman 3: The Collector Elusive Target (Mission Briefing) PS5 Trailer

HITMAN 3's first Elusive Target arrives on April 9! Take on the ultimate Hitman challenge and take down this unique, time-limited target in Dartmoor.

Make your shots count, there are no second chances. The Collector will be available in HITMAN 3 for 10 days.

Apex Legends War Games Event PS5 Trailer

Shall we play a game? The new War Games Event features five rotating takeover modes with never-before-seen modifiers, a new rewards track, and new skins.

Maggie warned the Legends what would happen if they didn’t deliver Fuse to her. Now she’s following through on her threat. Say goodbye to your precious games -- Salvo’s War Games are here instead. Play five rotating limited-time takeovers over two weeks.

Shields regenerate in Shield Regen, round time is reduced whenever a Legend dies in Killing Time, automatically retrieve fallen banners in Auto Banners, compete for top loot in Ultra Zones, and get a free respawn in Second Chance. Plus check out the store to get bold new cosmetics. Everybody loves a little Mayhem -- get out there and make Maggie proud.

Kingdom of Arcadia Launch PS5 Trailer

Sam is just a normal kid who likes video games. Likewise, his father has a passion for old games, but when Sam tries out his dad’s arcade machine, he’s suddenly pulled inside, where he finds himself starring in his own pixelated adventure. But can he get back home? Help Sam remove the spell cast on Arcadia and return safely before it’s too late!

Kingdom of Arcadia is a metroidvania spanning five levels, each with multiple missions to undertake. Sam will encounter a wide variety of enemies, huge bosses and other obstacles in pixelated retro presentation. Fortunately, he can level up and buy new gear from shops to aid in the daunting adventure that lies ahead!

Kingdom of Arcadia is available this week for PS4 & PS5.

WWE 2K22 Teaser PS5 Trailer

WWE 2K22. It Hits Different Coming Soon.

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Seems like the ps5 is getting a lot of 2d games which is what I like I hope they get some physical releases.

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