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Over the holiday we saw a True Crime: Streets of LA PS2 FPKG for PS4, and following his PS4 Mednafen 2-Players Config Mod PlayStation 4 scene developer @Markus95 (aka @Kus00095) shared on Twitter a Nintendo 64 (N64) PS2 on PS4 Emulator Port demonstration video with details below proceeded by a Super Mario 64 (SM64) Native Port PS4 PKG. :bananaman14:

Based on the DaedalusX64 Nintendo 64 Emulator Github fork, belek666 also shared a (34.2 MB) Daedalus PS2 binary stating: Put files/folders on root directory of mass, looks for roms in 'Roms' directory.

According to the Tweets from Markus00095 below, N64 PS2 on PS4 works but has issues since the only solution is to use mc0: (8 MB max) for games as mass: (USB) isn't enabled just cdfs: or mc0/mc1.

As a result of his tests he currently has no plans to release a N64 PS2 on PS4 PKG... however, those interested may want to experiment with the Daedalus.elf PS2 binary using the previously released PS2 ELF Loader for PS4 (PS2 Loaders) in the meantime.

Spoiler: Related Tweets

Finally, for those still with a PlayStation 3 console scene developer emu_kidid made available a PS3 PoC (Proof-of-Concept) of a very old mupen64 (wii64) port to PS3 using PSL1GHT v1 with details and some demo videos via KevinT Creations below.

Download: ps364_gln64_basictest.7z (contains ps364_glN64.elf and ps364_glN64.self) / GIT

Found this on my HDD from way back in 2011 when we were messing with porting wii64 (mupen64) to the PS3. It has preliminary hardware rendered graphics (RSX) limited to a handful of games as well as pure interpreter only and bad audio.

I'm not sure what state the release I've attached is in because I compiled it a long time ago, it's messy and it was just considered a "test".

Edit: It seems better than I remember :)

Mariokart 64 on PS3 Alpha Test
N64 emulator for PS3 WORKING!!! Mupen64 wii64 cube64

Spoiler: Additional Tweets

Super Mario 64 on PS3 (Native)
Nintendo 64 (N64) PS2 on PS4 Emulator Port Demo via Markus95.jpg


So if one has a workin PS2 console, this Emu should work just fine right. I think I have one lying somewhere. Wouldnt mind trying out some hacked/modded N64 roms 🤔
Correct, the .elf binary was initially compiled for use on a PS2... so if you still have a PlayStation 2 laying around you should be able to load it using a PS2 ELF launcher such as Open PS2 Loader, uLaunchELF or perhaps the PS2 Fortuna Homebrew Launcher by krat0s and open-source OpenTuna_v1.rar version (OpenTuna.pdf) by alexparrado on Github (opentuna-RLE, OpenTunaRLE.jar, opentuna-installer, opentuna-payload) is worth a peek... with another new method of injecting PS2 ELFs via Disc Swapping by @SilicaAndPina and teakhanirons.

:arrow: For those still interested in PlayStation 2 developments, here is another of interest for PS2 scene homebrew devs via balika011 who dumped the PS2 Mechacon CXR706080 ROM:

And also a FreePSXBoot Exploit via brad-lin allowing to load arbitrary code on the PSX (original PlayStation) using only a memory card with no game needed:

Download: / GIT

:arrow: PS1 DemoSwap Patcher (PS1DSP): Perfect CD-R Backup Loading On All Retail PSX Consoles + Japanese PSX Softmod via MottZilla and Alex Free (Play Backup CD-Rs with Correct CD Audio on All Unmodified Consoles):
  • PS1 DemoSwap Patcher (Linux / Mac / Windows)
  • tonyhax - PS1 savegame exploit ( by socram8888
  • tonyhax fork with TOC Perfect 1.0 ( and tonyhax.exe) via alex-free
  • Tonyhax International: The Ultimate Backup/Import Disc Loader SoftMod Solution For The Original PlayStation & Early Models Of PlayStation 2
MCTOOL: PS1 Installer for TonyHax or FreePSXBoot+TonyHax
If there is an option to load PlayStation 2 ELF's directly with Rebug PS3 CFW (or multiMAN, webMAN, etc) then it should, otherwise you can try making the ELF into a PS2 ISO via CDGenPS2, putting it in dev_hdd0/PS2ISO/PS2ELFNAME.ISO, mounting the PS2 ISO then running the Rebug PS2 Launcher which works for non-backward compatible PS3 models.

Also for backwards-compatible consoles PS2 ELF's can be loaded on a PS3 using the Swap Magic DVD disc. Below is an example video... basically you'd make a folder called SWAPMAGIC in the root of your USB stick, rename the PS2 ELF file you want to launch to SWAPMAGIC.ELF (in caps) and put it inside the SWAPMAGIC folder to run it.

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