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PS4 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter Shiningami       Start date Sep 7, 2018 at 7:36 PM       35      
Following my last PS4 Trainer, its been more than 3 months since NIOH trainer project is laying in my PC desktop.

But today I decided it was time to drag my butt to the chair and end working on it. And here we go its finally done (I need to work on my procrastination :p).

Download: Nioh Trainer PS4 by ShininGami (65.66 MB) / Nioh Trainer PS4 by ShininGami V0.1.rar (47.88 MB - Mirror via

Spoiler: Password

How to use it (Need PC & PS4 on the same network and the Game CUSA07123 1.00):

Step 1 : Use Hen on PS4
Step 2 : Inject the payload via the trainer and Bin Loader on PS4 (make sure your PS4 IP is correct)
Step 3 : Launch the game
Step 4 : Once in game Attach the Trainer (a notification on PS4 and a popup message on PC will show)
Step 5 : Enjoy cheating :evilsmile:

NIOH Trainer for PS4 5.05 Firmware by ShininGami.jpg

NIOH Trainer for PS4 5.05 Firmware by ShininGami 2.jpg

:idea: Make sure to join the PS4 Source Discord for any questions, or bug report I am usually hanging out here.

Credit : Golden aka @g991 (for jkpatch and ps4debug)