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Here's the third of @noob404's recent PS4 downporting apps, following his 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter from earlier today the Noob404 1Click Downport Patch Maker is used to downport small PS4 PKGs (under 300 MB) with a Ko-fi Page for those who'd like to support his work and further details below from the release page:

To quote: Noob404 1Click Downport Patch Maker: Downport with small PS4 PKGs (under 300MB)

I released a 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter recently. This enabled you to have downported PKGs for multiple PKGs in just one click. But the downported PKGs have a size similar to the non-downported fake PKG. Here’s the solution to the problem.

It’s known that you’d create small downport patches for PKGs. With that, you could downport PKGs for 5.05 with patch PKGs under 300MB. With Noob404 1Click Downport Patch Maker, it’s easy to create downport patches in just one click.

  1. 100% automated.
  2. Progressbar.
  3. Status Information.
  4. No CMDs popping up.
Download: Noob404 1Click Downport Patch Maker.7z (2.22 MB) / Mirror

  1. .Net Framework
  2. Python with Hexdump.
  3. Visual C++ Redistributable.
  4. Fake PKG.
  5. changeinfo.xml (changeinfo.7z).
Disclaimer: I or Noob404 don't condone backups. This is purely an educational article. What you do with your PS4 is your responsibility. Continue at your own risk.

Video Guide: Making Downport Patch (5.05) with Noob404 1Click Downport Patch Maker
How to make Downport Patch (5.05) with Noob404 1Click Downport Patch Maker
  1. Extract the downloaded file and extract it. Start Noob404 1Click Downport Patch Maker.exe.
  2. Copy Fake PKG to Input folder.
  3. Copy changeinfo.xml to Req folder.
  4. Click Make Downport Patch.
That’s it. The progressbar will be filled and status information bar will inform you when the downport patch has been completed. You will get the Patch PKG in the Output folder.

How to install downport Patch on PS4
  1. Install Fake PKG (Non-downported).
  2. Install Downport Patch.

If you have any suggestions to improve the tool, please leave them in the comments below. Or, hit a roadblock? Comment below and I will help you out.
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