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Earlier this week we saw his 1Click PS4 Update PKG Downporter, and today PlayStation 4 developer @noob404 returns with two more releases... the first being the Noob404 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter to downport multiple PKGs in 1 click with a video guide from his YouTube Channel below. :)

And from to quote: Noob404 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter: Downport multiple PKGs in one click!

With the 1Click PS4 Downporter v3 and 1Click PS4 Update Downporter, the downporting process has been completely automated. Today, I am releasing the 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter. As the name suggests, it lets you downport multiple PKGs in one click.

This will let you play 5.05+ PKGs in 5.05 PS4. I have also added a few new features to the program as per requests.

  1. 100% Automated.
  2. Progressbar with Status Information.
  3. Runs in background, i.e., no distracting CMD popups.
  4. Option to not use C Drive.
Disclaimer: I or Noob404 don't condone backups. This is purely an educational article. What you do with your PS4 is your responsibility. Continue at your own risk.

While this was specifically made to downport multiple PKGs, it will also work for just a single PKG.

Download: Noob404 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter.7z (2.4 MB)

  1. .Net Framework
  2. Python with Hexdump.
  3. Visual C++ Redistributable.
  4. Fake PKG(s).
Video Guide: Downporting PS4 PKGs with Noob404 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter
How to downport multiple PS4 PKGs with Noob404 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter

This software incorporates two options:-

Downport using C drive’s temporary folder

Choosing this option will use C drive while compiling the downported PKG. A 40GB PKG will require more or less 40GB free space in C drive. If you have enough free space in C drive, follow these steps:-
  1. Extract the downloaded file and extract it. Start Noob404 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter.exe.
  2. Copy Fake PKG(s) to Input folder.
  3. Click Downport ’em all.
Downport without using C drive, instead use current folder

Choose this option if your C drive doesn’t have enough free space. Using this option, during the PKG compilation process, the program will not use C drive at all. Instead, for temporary file keeping, the current folder will be used.

For eg:- you have the downporter in D:\\Noob404, then D: drive will be used. Follow these steps.
  1. Extract the downloaded file and extract it. Start Noob404 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter.exe.
  2. Copy Fake PKG(s) to Input folder.
  3. Tick Do not use C Drive.
  4. Click Downport ’em all.
That’s it. The progressbar will be filled and status information bar will inform you when the downporting has been completed. You will get the Downported Update PKG(s) in the Output folder.


I hope you like my programs. If you do and want to support me, donate at Ko-fi.

Noob404 1Click PS4 Batch Downporter to Downport Multiple PKGs.png


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