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PlayStation 4 developer zecoxao recently shared a simple guide on how to obtain your SFlash from a root FTP server should something go terribly wrong with your PS4 console while trying to hack the hell outta it :p

Here's the brief tutorial on how to grab your SFLASH from Root FTP Server, to quote:

The SFlash is useful for when something might happen to your PS4 (some changes that affect the console in a way that it won't be able to boot later) and in case you need it you can use it together with your hardware flasher device to undo the changes you made to flash that caused the console to brick.

What you'll need:

1- Enable the ftp server (big silver star) located at
2- Connect with the client
3- Navigate to /dev/
4- There should be a device called sflash0. Download it.
5- Make sure its exact size after the download is finished is 33554432 bytes/ 32768 KB / 32 MB

Congratulations! You should have your SFlash :) Keep it safe in a location only you know in case something goes wrong with your PS4.

PlayStation 4 SFlash.jpg



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I wish I had one to mess around with. It's not enough to open the launch day ps4 yet. That one is staying in the box into the hack comes out. I bought 3 on launch day. 1 for me, 1 for my son and 1 to sit and wait for a hack to come out. So the one in the box has the firmware they were shipped with and never been plugged in. Thanks all.
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