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Following their PS4 Game Dumping Tutorial, some PS4 PKG Installation Methods and a Function Alternative console modders e✘ have detailed a PlayStation 4 Package (PKG Database) installation file overview from the OMSK Application contents for those interested. :geek:

To quote, roughly translated: PKG Installation Info - File Overview [NPXS29005 Dump]

After installing a .pkg file, certain folders and files are created on the hard disk of the PS4. When you run an installed application, the content is loaded into the sandbox. The complete content of the OMSK app was read to show an overview of the files of an application.

After the installation, folders with the following files are created:
  • System_data / priv / appmeta / NPXS29005 / ext_info.dat
  • System_data / priv / appmeta / NPXS29005 / param.sfo
  • User / app / NPXS29005 / app.pbm
  • User / app / NPXS29005 / app.pkg
  • User / appmeta / NPXS29005 / icon0.png
  • User / appmeta / NPXS29005 /
  • User / appmeta / NPXS29005 / pic0.png
  • User / appmeta / NPXS29005 /
  • User / appmeta / NPXS29005 / pic1.png
  • User / appmeta / NPXS29005 / pronunciation.xml
  • User / license / freeIV0001-NPXS29005_00.rif
(Info: the .rif file contains the permission to start the application)

After launching the application, the following files are loaded into the sandbox:
  • Mnt / sandbox / pfsmnt / NPXS29005-app0 / config.cfg
  • Mnt / sandbox / pfsmnt / NPXS29005-app0 / eboot.bin
  • Mnt / sandbox / pfsmnt / NPXS29005-app0 / sce_discmap.plt
  • Mnt / sandbox / pfsmnt / NPXS29005-app0 / prx / libSceSecure.prx
  • Mnt / sandbox / pfsmnt / NPXS29005-app0 / sce_module / libc.prx
  • Mnt / sandbox / pfsmnt / NPXS29005-app0 / sce_module / libSceFios2.prx
  • Mnt / sandbox / pfsmnt / NPXS29005-app0 / sce_sys / about / right.sprx
  • Mnt / sandbox / pfsmnt / NPXS29005-app0-nest / pfs_image.dat
(Info: the .dat file contains the files that are loaded into the folder NPXS29005-app0)

The OMSK app is the only known PKG which runs on 1.76 Retail. The app was read with PS4FileNinja and the content of the .dat file was unpacked with ArchiveExplorer. ;)
Someone told me this is not working yet. That is not correct. PKG installs fine. The problem is you would need a license file to play the content. PKG must be on root of USB just like on 1.76. Exciting times....

Activating OMSK Demon in 5.55 (OFW) and Online
Download: IV0001-NPXS29005_00-OMSKCLIENTV00100.pkg (28.8 MB) / IV0001-NPXS29005_00-OMSKCLIENTV00100.rif (1.0 KB)
Download: IV0001-NPXS29005_00-OMSKCLIENTV00100.pkg (28.8 MB) / IV0001-NPXS29005_00-OMSKCLIENTV00100.rif (1.0 KB)
Installing PKG with the OMSK demon, without Debug Setting
Installing OMSK On 5.55
PS4 5.05 UI Mods & OMSK Demon For 5.55
OMSK App PS4 Package (PKG) Installation File Overview by eXtreme.jpg


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Great news to me and the world... good step in the right direction

NOTE: maybe news like this big letters saying no this is not jailbreak and no you cant play backups :geek:


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It's interesting that the OMSK PKG runs on 1.76 Retail consoles, from wpvrn roughly translated:

To study the information: After the transition to IDU system diligently tries to download and install 2 file:
The license file, and I opened the port on the rif file and installed it! Thus, using the proxy, you can redirect requests for files full game license! We need to find them and download!


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According to what eXtreme said, only the OMSK PKG will run on 1.76 Retail PS4 consoles.

As for the RIF activation link from the Russian site, if someone speaks fluent Russian maybe they can shed more light on that.


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I know for PS3 a RAP license file is used to activate packages.

The thread on the Russian forum where they linked the OMSK PKG / RIF file is below, but I don't think it goes in any depth... maybe other topics on their forum do?
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