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Just a few days ago PlayStation 4 developer CTurt released a PS4 File Browser, and today he's back on IRC and Twitter with details on Custom Fonts for PlayStation 4 alongside the inception of an open source PS4 *** (unlike Sony's PS4 *** for licensed developers only).

Download: PS4-*** / PS4-SDK_compiled.rar / PS4 *** GIT / CTurt's Blog

:arrow: From the Readme File: PS4 ***

An open source PlayStation 4 ***, developed from running ROP tests.


At the moment, it is primarily focused on the kernel. For example, I've successfully implemented all semaphore system calls, from 549 to 556:
549 - int createSemaphore(const char *name, int attributes, int startingCount, int maxCount);
550 - int removeSemaphore(int semaphore);
551 - int openSemaphore(const char *name, int oflag, int mode, unsigned int value);
552 - int closeSemaphore(int semaphore);
553 - int waitSemaphore(int semaphore, int requiredCount, int *microsecondTimeout);
554 - int pollSemaphore(int semaphore, int requiredCount);
555 - int signalSemaphore(int semaphore, int count);
556 - int cancelSemaphore(int semaphore, int count, int *threadsReleased);
I've also made use of function pointers and the kldsym trick to resolve functions from other modules. For example, we it can use socket related functions from the libSceNet.sprx module:
#define SCENET 0xe

#define RESOLVE(module, name) getFunctionAddressByName(module, #name, &name)

int (*socket)(const char *, int, int, int);

int main(void) {
    RESOLVE(SCENET, socket);

    int sock = socket("test", AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0);

    return 0;

Whilst the *** isn't capable of a most basic functionality yet, such as displaying graphics, or receiving controller input, it is a solid foundation which will be improved upon over time, especially once we have code execution to test it.

:arrow: From CTurtE on Twitter:
  • Sorry, but it looks like custom fonts are not possible on the PS4.
  • Well, for 1.76 at least. Maybe we can abuse the themes feature that firmware 2.00 and above have.
  • Started an open source PS4 ***. It can't do much yet, but I'm going public because I need help.***
:arrow: PS4Dev IRC log:

[CTurt] I dumped a font from "/sandboXDir/common/font/"
[CTurt] but it doesn't work
[CTurt] Windows says it is corrupt
[CTurt] is it likely that Sony modified the ttf format
[CTurt] or is my dump just fcked?
[rck`d] it would be very unlikely they would change the TTF format
[eussNL] unless you're dumping OpenType instead...
[CTurt] (PS4 1.76 Webkit ROP POC)
[CTurt] these are my steps
[CTurt] fixed it
[CTurt] font dump views in Windows fine :)
[CTurt] ffs
[rck`d] what was the problem?
[HelsAngel] thats cool CTurt
[CTurt] oh, I wasn't reading size right
[CTurt] now I can get 100% accurate dumps
[CTurt] save files are 1:1 with those from USB export feature
[HelsAngel] can you sent files to ps4 aswell?
[CTurt] well, we can receive data from PC to PS4
[CTurt] but if you try to overwrite a font
[CTurt] it won't work
[CTurt] didn't try overwriting anything else
[HelsAngel] thats pretty nice
[CTurt] thanks!
[CTurt] don't really have any ideas for anything else to try at the moment, so I'm writing another article with my recent findings
[ZiL0G80] nice
[HelsAngel] would a gui filebrowser be possible?
[HelsAngel] for pc so simple people like me can fidle around
[HelsAngel] or too much RNG
[CTurt] I can write down all of the files on my PS4 and tell you them
[CTurt] if that's what you mean
[HelsAngel] no like a gui browser so i can realtime get/send stuff to it
[HelsAngel] and others aswell
[HelsAngel] like ftp
[CTurt] ah, right
[ZiL0G80] make some plugin for totalcommnder :p
[CTurt] right, so now that people have code execution :(
[CTurt] why not
[HelsAngel] code execution how?
[NiceShot] go to your browser and type
[NiceShot] code execution
[HelsAngel] says adanado

Finally, from bigboss: Added camera support to ****** done
PS4 Font Names from
c041056ts.ttf -> SCopperplateTBolCon
d013013ds.ttf -> DomCasualD
e046323ms.ttf -> SURWEgyptienneMRegExtNar
e046323ts.ttf -> SURWEgyptienneTExtNar
k006004ds.ttf -> SKaufmannDBol
n023055ms.ttf -> SNimbusSanMSemBolCon
n023055ts.ttf -> SNimbusSanTSemBolCon
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