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Proceeding the PS4 Userland DevKit currently in development and recent PS4 Homebrew FTP Server release, PlayStation 4 developer @CrazyVoid announced on Twitter that OpenOrbis DevKit PS4 Library Ports are now being added to the Github Repo to aid in the homebrew creation process for scene devs. :geek:

Download: / GIT

In the Tweets below he notes he'll start adding content there in about 4-7 days, and also shared a link to his Patreon Page for those who'd like to support his work on OpenOrbis homebrew and software for the PlayStation 4 gaming system and his Ko-fi Page via an X post to help fund a PS5 console. :lovewins:

:arrow: According to kd_tech, the ETA of the OpenOrbis DevKit is tentatively scheduled for release on May 11th, 2020 supporting 4.05-5.05 FW consoles until a new PS4 jailbreak is publicly released.

From the OpenOrbis *** Library Ports

This is a collection of libraries ported to the OpenOrbis *** for PlayStation 4 Gaming System. Please read the readme provided with each library on the procedure on compiling and installing. Remember if you make improvements or fixes to create a pull request. Thank you.

Core Libraries
  • zlib_partial, is a library used to compress and decompress data and is used in a lot of software.

Images Related Libraries
  • libpng, is a image decompression and compression for the png image format.

  • libmap, is a typeless hash map system, think of it as a key based array system that uses hashing.

Spoiler: Related Tweets

OpenOrbis DevKit PS4 Library Ports & CrazyVoid Starts Patreon Page.jpg


Yes !! that's right, My system is on 7.02, playing online with my friends Rainbow six seige; only small amount of ps4 are on 5.05;

I'm waiting for PS5, & I've no expectation from hackers !!!

Enjoy gaming !!
Praised be the Hacker God, Lord Firmware 5.05!

If You do not be in 5.05, You are a cursed by our God, You disbeliever. regret for your sins and buy a 5.05. Its available to shop anywhere. Never complain again
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