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Following the previous revisions, PlayStation 3 homebrew developer jjolano recently released OpenPS3FTP v4.0 with some additional updates complete with the changes and source code below. :cool:

Download: OpenPS3FTP v4.0 PKG / OpenPS3FTP v4.0a PKG / OpenPS3FTP v4.0b PKG / OpenPS3FTP v4.1 / OpenPS3FTP v4.2 / OpenPS3FTP v4.3a / OpenPS3FTP v4.4 / GIT

To quote from the ReadMe.txt file: OpenPS3FTP is an open source FTP server for the PlayStation 3. It supports the basic FTP commands that the typical user would need to transfer files in and out of their console.

It also provides read/write access to the console's flash partition, by mounting /dev_blind.

Currently, this server is optimized for stability over performance. A performance benefit is possible, but it seems libsysfs isn't cooperating.

Known issues:
  • Occasionally, file transfers do not register as complete. Seems to be more of an I/O problem with the PS3, but maybe fixable with libsysfs.
  • There is a limit to how many times a file or folder object can be created over the runtime of the app. Might be a kernel limit and thus not fixable. The workaround is to relaunch the app.
From the Github page are the changes, to quote: Version 4.0

This is what version 3.0 should have been. However, version 3.0 was written dev_blindly since I wasn't able to test it at all. Now that I'm able to make homebrews again, here's a fresh release of OpenPS3FTP!

Hope it isn't too late.

Would be great if PSL1GHT's libsysfs wasn't so wonky, since that will actually provide an additional performance boost over the vastly increased stability this release brings.

Version 4.0a

Fixed and improved a few things.

Version 4.0b

Implemented libsysfs for improved performance.
OpenPS3FTP v4.0 PS3 FTP Homebrew App Updates by Jjolano.jpg



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Wrong picture, hax.

If this cant work better than managers ftps and regular pc ftp tools, no advantage here.

Im using flashfxp and play manager, thats all i need.


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Here's an update to OpenPS3FTP v4.1 by jjolano via GitHub with the changes below, as follows:

Version 4.1

This is a somewhat major release, with changes to the codebase to make it possible to compile on both PSL1GHT and the official CELL ***. As proof, I have included CellPS3FTP in this release - which is basically an actual CELL *** program with the OpenPS3FTP codebase for the actual server.

Version 4.0 brings a new FTP server engine, and this version now builds up on top of that.

See the updated changelog and readme documents for more info.



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Here's an update to OpenPS3FTP v4.2 alongside some revisions by jjolano via GitHub with the changes below, as follows:

Version 4.2

This is THE build, in my opinion. Since I was able to find some time to rewrite the whole source code (twice, since I accidentally RM'ed the first rewrite) to actually be able to debug things properly with gdb and valgrind, this server now runs pretty much flawlessly.

Multiple connections are now fixed up. Should be able to stably handle at least 10 connections at once. I know my Raspberry Pi can.

This might be the last release for a while - will be researching on SPRX plugins. Check changelog.txt for more details on the changes in this build.

Happy FTPing!

:arrow: Version 4.2-PRX Update 1

Just a quick update to the server code that might help fix some crashes.

:arrow: Version 4.2-PRX Update 2

Fixed more crashes and the SITE command. Also fixed a (very small) memory leak when connecting and disconnecting multiple times.

Additionally, the server will minimize memory usage when it is not active. Almost stable...

:arrow: Version 4.2a

After rigorous testing, this release fixes a rare crash that occurs when disconnecting from the server. Plugin is now stable!

:arrow: Version 4.2b

SPRX-only release. This release adds NTFS support, and various code optimizations.

Known Issues:
  • The console will hard-lock when shutting down the console while a client is connected to the FTP server. Please disconnect before shutting down!
And to promote some of my other PS3 projects...

  • This is required for NTFS functionality on openps3ftp.sprx. However, if you (for some reason) do not want to use this, there is openps3ftp_ntfs.sprx which includes the code built-in.
  • There are advantages to having separate plugins for library functions - one being that any new library updates can be done just by updating the plugin itself without worrying about dependent plugins. Another advantage is that multiple plugins can share the same library code, which in the end saves RAM usage.
  • Should there be any updates to libntfs, this plugin can easily be updated and all homebrews using PS3NTFS will automatically have the latest update to libntfs.
  • This allows developers to extend XMB functionality through module-actions. It is in the Scene's best interest to adopt this to advance in PS3 homebrew development.