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Following his progress updates PlayStation 4 homebrew developer fjtrujy (Github) with help from psxdev, frangar and masterzorag made available on the OrbisDev repository Orbis Libs Gen which is a super fast Stub Generator for PS4 Symbols written in Swift as was the previously released MacOS PS4 Remote Sender GUI. :geek:

Download: / GIT

With a public release of the OpenOrbis PS4 DevKit (proceeding the PS4 Userland DevKit announcement) by the OpenOrbis Team scheduled for May 11th, things should start heating up on the PlayStation 4 homebrew front as many await a Future PS4 Jailbreak Exploit since theflow0 noted "don't update past FW 6.20 if you want a kxploit." :fire:

Since OpenOrbis Team's Mira Project initial announcement and the Project Mira v1.0 MiraFW developers release, according to @HydrogenNGU on Twitter a PS4 MiraCFW 5.05 (which is as close as most will get to diwidog's private Canis CFW base) is also coming soon for those with a Jailbreakable PS4 Console. :ninja:

In the Tweet below he states the following, to quote:

"First time using swift in Linux and Dockers for a terminal application. It is a stub generator for the PS4 symbols. I'm quite surprised with the execution speed. Functional programming keep to code so clean and reduced."

Previously we've seen a PS4 Symbols IDC Script, Official PS4 Symbol Codes, MiraFW Orbis 5.01 / 5.05 Symbols, PS4 Extended Symbol Resolving, a PS4 PKG Sender Docker and a Dockerized PS4 Exploit LAN Host for those keeping track.



This is a super fast orbis libs generator, is done in pure SWIFT, and as you can guess being opensource it can be executed everywhere.

More info here:

How it works?

Is not magic, just take a look to the code, and to the github workflow


You require to have previously downloaded the sprx.json files under the ps4libdoc folder, and finally just run
swift run orbis-parser
All the assembly references will be generated in the output folder.

Thanks to OrbisDev group
Orbis Libs Gen Stub Generator for PS4 Symbols by OrbisDev via FJTrujy.jpg


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