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Following the LibOrbisNfs PS4 Port earlier this year, PlayStation 4 scene developer BigBoss announced today that an OrbisGl2 LibOrbis Graphic Backend Library based on Raylib is now available thanks to raysan5 for PS4 homebrew enthusiasts which is a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogame programming! šŸ˜

Download: / GIT

The LibOrbis hombrew port for PlayStation 4 features basic samples for textures, shapes, text and models alongside a Spine port based on work from WEREMSOFT. šŸ¤©

Here's more from the, to quote: orbisGl2

orbisGl2 liborbis new graphic backend based on raylib

orbisGl2 is based on raylib is a simple and easy-to-use library to enjoy videogames programming.

raylib is highly inspired by Borland BGI graphics lib and by XNA framework and it's specially well suited for prototyping, tooling, graphical applications, embedded systems and education.

NOTE for ADVENTURERS: raylib is a programming library to enjoy videogames programming; no fancy interface, no visual helpers, no auto-debugging... just coding in the most pure spartan-programmers way.

Ready to learn?
Change log
  • 31/03/2020 Initial release and my 45th birthday
  • raysan5 for his amazing work with raylib and raylib has an incredible community developing in the open way!!!!
  • Hitodama for his incredible work with ps4*** the one and only
  • flatz to bring a lot of fun with gl stuff
  • masterzorag liborbis and shader master :p
  • All people who have been using liborbis
  • All ps3dev and ps2dev old comrades

raylib is licensed under an unmodified zlib/libpng license, which is an OSI-certified, BSD-like license that allows static linking with closed source software. Check LICENSE for further details.
OrbisGl2 LibOrbis Graphic Backend Based on Raylib for PS4 Homebrew.jpg



I am grateful for the kxploit 5.05. But if we compare the time of existence of the PS4 and so far there is no CFW or Spoof for newer games. We can conclude two possibilities: either there is really no exploitation for newer games or simply the developers who have the exploitation will not share. There are many tools with no ultimate goal, which is to play latest games. This is my opinion.


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I remember tracking my ps3break from china picking it up at the post office running home and it worked! I was so impressed haha those were the days...
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