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Awhile back we reported on a PS4 PKG Finder available at, and today Octolus announced he started a new PS4 Package (PKG) Searchable Database with an API located at (aka, currently located at followed by with automated patch updates via PS4Patches. :fire:

As the PS4 Exploited 4.05 scene awaits upcoming details from Flat_z on Running Custom PKG Games which was recently unveiled in his interview and demo, it would be handy to stockpile PS4 PKG Files including those HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE from PSNStuffX compiling them into a one-stop-shop scene database. (y)

  • PS4 CUSA Resolver located HERE is an In-depth Title Fetcher that fetches inaccessible information from official APIs and archives it for future reference. PS4 Package (PKG) Searchable Database by Octolus.jpg


Looks nice, but it seems only possible to download the pkg of the latest version of a game. I think that the latest versions of games need always a higher fw version than 4.05.

Maybe they try to outpatch exploits and sony stores only the latest pkgs.
That would be nice. The fw requirements for patches are mostly only to prevent backups and to keep people updated. The games dont actually need new features of newer fw versions so this could work.
in flat_z interview, he said, that as long as the required fw is exploited such exploited ps4 should be able to unencript files and then use them on a lower fw.

that means that someone with a, say, 5.0 exploited fw could in theory, get those files for you, as far as I can understand.
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