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Proceeding the Unreal PT Windows PC VR Remake and Playable Teaser Camera PS4 Hacks, developers Artur Laczkowski and Wesker_Wifu recently released on the PT Emulation Blog a free Emulated & Recreated P.T. Emulation straight from PS4 to PC just in time to wish everyone a very safe and Happy Halloween 2019! šŸŽƒ

Download: Playable (964 MB - PT Emulation 1.1 for Windows)

Also below is the P.T. Emulation Official Trailer from his YouTube Channel, with a Patreon Page also set up for those who wish to support their hard work! :love:

:idea: Additionally, if anyone is in touch with emoose or is experienced using the related tools, arturlaczkowski is having an issue extracting some of the exterior cutscene scene textures and is currently seeking assistance or the converted textures and models in .obj or .fbx format.

Update changelog:
  • Picture pieces puzzle works
  • Collisions for walls repaired
  • Relighted very dark areas
  • Toilet zoom trigger is more accurate
  • Gauge it out puzzle hint
  • Menu is under esc button
  • Level transitions are smooth
In order to see changes, you have to download file once again. It does not updates automatically like on Steam or else.

P.T. Emulation - Official Trailer
Download: cheat.db (1.78 KB - Designed and tested for the US version with game code ULUS-10490. Works on PSP and Vita via Adrenaline with help of the cwcheat plugin) via
P.T. Emulation Update Recreation From PS4 to PC - Happy Halloween!.jpg


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