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Using the Minecraft Trial on Retail PS4 Tutorial as a base after Playable Teaser was decrypted and extracted uncovering PT's resource files, PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao announced on Twitter that P.T. is now running on PS4 1.76 Retail Firmware with a demonstration video via José Coixão on YouTube and a grid screenshot of the first graphical PS4 homebrew! :D

Zecoxao also confirmed that games don't require patches anymore, the payload below enables P.T. and should allow other games (check the PS4 Games List Minimal FW List) to run noting that this was tested in 3 games thus far: P.T., Angry Birds and MGS: Ground Zeroes.


P.T. (Playable Teaser) on PS4 1.76 Retail Demo, Homebrew Coming! 2.jpg He also reiterates the file structure is /data/CUSAXXXXX/<game structure with decrypted eboot and modules> and to run the backup games simply set them up with the kernel hooks following the guide, and when you see "started successfully" in the netcat command line you'll know the payload was ran successfully. :kitty:

:alert: Finally, he stresses that ALL save games will be redirected to the Playroom savegame directory, so be sure to do a backup before trying other games!

From (this registry entry should prevent the latest PS4 pup from constantly downloading):
public const int SCE_REGMGR_ENT_KEY_SYSTEM_UPDATE_auto_download = 0x2800500;
Thanks to @GrimDoe in the forums and @LightningMods, @mcmrc1 and @raedoob in the PSXHAX Shoutbox for the news! :thumbup:
P.T. (Playable Teaser) on PS4 1.76 Retail Demo, Homebrew Coming!.jpg



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we wait for kernel exploit > 4.0x to have fun.

I'm update my ps4 from 4.00 to latest (4.74) to play fifa 18 and GT sport... I'm tired to wait... my ps4 is stopped for 1 year without games... It crazy this... if the CFW exit and It's real i buy a new ps4 (maybe pro) to use.


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You can use private trackers to get game files. Please upload them after decryption so everyone with 1.76 could play it.

Backup manager aka MultiMAN development should also start now as homebrew is possible. Sadly I don't have 1.76 to help the development :( I wish I could.

The last step is to discover a kernel exploit (no, not from attention seeking kids like qwerty that doesnt even have it). I mean the real one that will be public and usable. AFAIK there are some additional kernel checks in newer FW but nothing we can't beat.
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