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Proceeding the Unreal PT: Windows PC VR Remake and his Ratchet & Clank PS4 Debug Menu findings, video game hacker and modder extraordinaire @manfightdragon (aka Lance McDonald on YouTube) recently shared some eerie discoveries from his P.T. Playable Teaser Silent Hills demo camera PS4 hacks on Twitter with a Patreon support page also available. :love:

Previously we've seen a PS4 Testkit Running PT, Playable Teaser PS4 Model Data / Textures, P.T. PlayStation 4 Resources and a P.T. PS4 Retail Demo of P.T. released by Konami in August 2014, consequently removed from PlayStation Store in late April 2015 due to issues between Hideo Kojima and Konami. :eek:

Although the P.T. demo can no longer be downloaded from PSN nor your PS4 Library, those who already installed it on their PlayStation 4 console and haven't removed it can still play the demo.

Below are several Tweets featuring some creepy P.T. R3 button zoomed-in hacked camera clips utilizing his customized camera axis injections revealing that Lisa is always right behind you... until he prepares a full video on his YouTube Channel:
P.T. Silent Hills - Cut Content and Unseen Details - PT Hacking and Hidden Moments
P.T. Playable Teaser Silent Hills Demo Camera PS4 Hacks by ManFightDragon.jpg



I always find them camera modding/hacking very interesting since you get to see what is happening while the game is being rendered. Great Work Lance.


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I hope this doesn’t sound selfish but could you release the pkg or cht file or whatever it is or was that you used to freeze the camera in place?

I’d love to try this out 😬
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