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PeXploit Ongoing Version List Thread

PeXploit Lite 1.0 is live!

To Quote:
A HUGE THANKS to TheDarkprogramer

PeXploit Lite is the lite version of pexploit.
It installs pkg file on OFW 4.66+.
It uses kakarot's ps3xport to do all the major work

  • Bubble mode: no need for IDPS.BIN (only for c00 games)
the pkg are pushed into the backup, and you install them via the XMB
    • PeXploit unpack mode is "broken", might work for small pkg, but I tried with 1gb+ and it didn't work
    • Extracted pkg is used when you unpack the pkg first with pkg_view (or what ever you want, a hammer for example)
    • if you don't want to backup your backup files after they've been modded, go through "settings"
    • you can remove pkg/edats if you don't want them (just in case you messed up)
  • Note: the edat / rap trick is patched past on FW 4.75!! Do not update to FW 4.75, if you value free game content on OFW!! If you are still on a lower FW.
PeXploit Src [Source Code]


Based on ps3xport utility framework.



I was away from the scene for a while. I found that there is a way to get IDPS and there is a new version of PeXploit. What games I can inject to super slim PS3 with OFW 4.81?


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you mean ps3xlpoit this is meant for jailbreakable ps3 from FAT CECHA..G (Nand) CECH..Q (Nor)

Slims from 20XX..25XX (Minuim Factory Frimware 3.56) you should verify the min version you can downgrade before you make any one other steps for the IDPS the IDPS are just meant to get it from OFW to use it on banned console or if you want to buy it for one whoes ps3 is banned by sony and its no use for backup injection since sony from update 4.70 and up blocked edat file and lic (license file) when ps3 restore the update you will find games but whenever you start them you get 8001006 don't tire yourself even if you get the idps.bin using the tool there is no way for you to play games without DTU (Data Transfer Utlity from CFW PS3 to OFW one)

even if you inject them to the protected area in the backup sony block that so u just bring one CFW jailbreakable ps3 and use the exploit that thinks for hard work of ps3xploit teams or bring on that has jailbreak install games in it and transfer that your ps3 or be patient and wait until @esc0rtd3w and the other member for the hdd writer or the HEN exploit to be released and don't ask the team because they don't play or have time to answer they just work to make the idea in reality and bring it to the public


What games I can inject to super slim PS3 with OFW 4.81? I do not have IDPS

According to this thread, there is a reply said that, PeXploit can be used on OFW 4.81


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man just read clearly the thread i was talking about other thing and you just make yourself disturbed for backup injection work for various games releasedbefore 2010 and the the 4.82 meant for ps3 that accept or can be downgraded so don't make thing in others
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