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PeXploit Ongoing Version List Thread

PeXploit Lite 1.0 is live!

To Quote:
A HUGE THANKS to TheDarkprogramer

PeXploit Lite is the lite version of pexploit.
It installs pkg file on OFW 4.66+.
It uses kakarot's ps3xport to do all the major work

  • Bubble mode: no need for IDPS.BIN (only for c00 games)
the pkg are pushed into the backup, and you install them via the XMB
    • PeXploit unpack mode is "broken", might work for small pkg, but I tried with 1gb+ and it didn't work
    • Extracted pkg is used when you unpack the pkg first with pkg_view (or what ever you want, a hammer for example)
    • if you don't want to backup your backup files after they've been modded, go through "settings"
    • you can remove pkg/edats if you don't want them (just in case you messed up)
  • Note: the edat / rap trick is patched past on FW 4.75!! Do not update to FW 4.75, if you value free game content on OFW!! If you are still on a lower FW.
PeXploit Src [Source Code]


Based on ps3xport utility framework.


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