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Following the first Spine PS4 Emulator update for 2022 and his OpenTyrian PS4 PKG Port earlier this month, PS4Scene developer @Cpasjuste made available a PFBNeo (pEMU) Portable FinalBurn Neo Emulator for PS4 PKG port that supports multi-platform emulation including Neo-Geo, CPS1 / CPS2 / CPS3, Sega Megadrive, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear and PC-Engine (TG-16) games Jailbroken PS4 console owners can relive and enjoy! 🕹️

Download: pEMU PKGs (Latest Version) / GIT

Spoiler: Depreciated

This comes proceeding the WebMSX PS5 Browser Demo, although @oneman123 (aka ZiL0G80) states on Twitter it probably doesn't run Metal Gear for MSX due to missing mappers... but notes the rootdir to transfer ROMs via PS4 FTP to is \data\pfba\ or you can modify \data\pfba\config.cfg to add a custom path according to the README.MD file.

🏴‍☠️ If anyone wishes to share some Game ROMsets (Update: PEMU: PFBNeo / PNES / PSNES Full Game ROMSets with Pics) for use with PFBNeo / pEMU 5.0 PS4, you may add them in the comments below using SPOILER tags like so:
[url=][/url] (1.0 MB)
PS4 FINAL BURN NEO 5.0: Testing Games

The developer Cpasjuste has just released the version of PFBNeo for the PlayStation 4, which is one of the best emulators on the platform, running with perfection NeoGeo, SG1000, Coleco, PCEngine, MSX, Game Gear, Master System, among others, in addition to count with full screen and all available filters!

PFBNeo Portable FinalBurn Neo Emulator for PS4 PKG Port by Cpasjuste.jpg



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Updated the OP to pEMU 6.2, with the changes from Github below: pEMU 6.2


:arrow: Updated the OP to pEMU 6.3, with the changes from Github below: pEMU 6.3


:arrow: Updated the OP to pEMU 6.4, with the changes from Github below: pEMU 6.4




a little heads up, the improvements of the pemus are fantastic, i ve created new fbneo set, 100+ new roms, and also msu-1, msu and md emulation really run great with pgen and psnes... also there is a newer release, it is now on version 6.5 btw.

Here is a link to my genesis chd folder:


I am not sure, if disk swapping works with pgen, btw. You need bios files, get them here:


Here is my msu, msu-1, md folder:

  • Bios: Pgen is Genesis Plus GX
  • Psnes is Snes9x
You need to put all files of a msu game in the roms root folder... Those games are really fun, I will update my stuff, add pics and vids.. be a little bit patient. For the time being, if you wanna check it out, do it.. Have fun. :)

Genesis MSUs are a work in progress, as you really can convert those bin/cues and wav files to chds, which saves a lot of space, be patient, I should finish those games within the next week and upload them, again, in compressed format.


i need all directories with files names. I dont know where to copy files like cheats files or bios files ? And How to enable cheates. What happens if i copy all rom files (sega nes and snes) to roms directory ?