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Following his recent RetroArch PS2 on PS4 homebrew package, PlayStation 4 developer @Markus95 has now released a PGEN PS2 emulator port PKG file for PS4 which emulates Sega Genesis / MegaDrive games for retrogamer fans! ;)

Download: Megadrive-Genesis_(PS2).pkg (25.69 MB) / UP9000-CUSB00002_00-SCUS974900000001-A0100-V0100.pkg (684.03 MB - Sega Megadrive / Genesis EMU & ROM Pack via @astronman) / MegaDrive (7.5 GB ROMs via @prezax)

This comes after the PS4NES / PS4GearSystem Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator (NES) and Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator ports, and to quote from his blog post on roughly translated: PS4-MAJ Megadrive / Genesis Emulator (PS2) on PS4

After adapting and publishing the 2 PS2 cores (2048 and QuickNES) on PS4, here is another PS2 emulator adapted for our dear PS4: PGEN.

PGEN is a Megadrive / Genesis emulator, so you can launch your megadrive ROMs on your PS4.

This emulator uses the PS2 part of our PS4, although it is not native, it works very well.

This may cause waiting until the publication of RetroArch version PS4.

You will have to add your own ROMs in the ROMS folder, for that you will also have to decompile the FPKG (password: 00000000000000000000000000000000) with Fake_PKG_Generator, open the file disc01.iso with CDgenPS2, copy your ROMs in the ROMS folder, recreate the iso with CDgenPS2 and finally recompile the FPKG always with Fake_PKG_Generator.

You can copy as many ROMs as you want in the ROMS folder, even put a fullset if you want, only thing to respect is to put ROMs in .bin format ...

Another clarification, in the options of the emulator, configure the line "Renderer" on Line and not cell to correct some graphic problems.

  • Decompile Megadrive-Genesis_ (PS2).pkg with FAKE_PKG_Generator
  • In the folder Image / recover disc01.iso file
  • Open this disc01.iso file with CDGenPS2 v3 (CDGenPS2 v2 per Chaos Kid)
  • You will find a ROMS file
  • Place ALL your ROMs in this folder
  • Then create the iso that you rename well disc01.iso
  • Rebuild the FPKG with the new disc01.iso file including your own ROMs with the same password (00000000000000000000000000000000).
PS: Another emulator is being tested and works pretty well, if you want to track my future projects and have a glimpse of this future moved, all that goes on here:

Megadrive/Genesis (PS2) on PS4
Test Emulator Sega Mega Drive PS4 5.05 / ROMs
Remake PS4 EMU with ROMs via lee48uk
Repack and Install Megadrive Genesis PS2 on PS4 via donatelo27
Download: (2.97 MB)
Genesis Emulator for PS4 (Homebrew) via MasterTurkey
Cheers to DEFAULTDNB for the heads-up on this news earlier today! :beer:
PGEN Sega Genesis MegaDrive PS2 on PS4 Emulator Port by Markus95.jpg



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MEGADRIVE PKG is out now on Markus95's twitter ;)

ALSO: please check this awesomeness!:

OK so made a PKG for the MEGADRIVE emu with 1000+ roms, loaded it, works ok, bit annoying with the 8mb limit when you have to copy the EMU and the ROMS to the 8mb MC.

I'm working with some others on reversing the formatted.card files and trying to get us some 32mb memory card action at very least to ease this restriction. So far no luck yet, but its very early days ;)


I get the error param.sfo file missing while the param.sfo file is included in the folder when using ps4 fake pkg generator and content id in project settings is changed to cusa-... found in the param.sfo

Does anyone know why this happens?


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@Chaos Kid are you talking about memory card swapping?

By swap system do you mean AFR? Or overlayFS?

If so you would have to replace the memcard, within an iso, within the app.pkg... won’t work.

I have made some Mira logs and hope to glean something useful. We think the emu itself holds a checksum for the card.

Chaos Kid

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Mp3 is signature on it that's the hack directly

Not the actual sega genesis this is the handheld device using a Mp3 hack on internal system with other options.

A new Menu Loader that hacks or corrects the FireCore Sound code in the FireCore Sega Genesis based emulators and it can be loaded from the SD card on most systems. Sound is now almost 90% perfect.


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@Chaos Kid I genuinely don’t know what you’re talking about mate.


I was talking about modifying (Expanding) the memory card in the ps2 emulator template files for the classics.

Seems that pgens can read from CDFS so that solves picos problem of limitation to mc0/mc1.

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