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Following some recent PS4 Package Research, today PlayStation 4 developer @Tustin made available PKG Merge which as the name implies aims to combine PlayStation 4 PKG file parts joining them into a whole PKG file with a compiled version by @0x199 via Twitter below. :-D

Download: / GIT / pkg-merge.rar (Compiled) (659 KB) / pkg-merge.rar (Updated) (659 KB) / PKG Merge (CPP Rewrite) / pkg-merge-x64.exe / pkg-merge-x86.exe

Here are some details on the PS4 Package Merge tool from his recent Tweets via Twitter:

I made a tool that merges PS4 PKG parts into one whole pkg file in golang (@RedEyeX32 wanted this)

prob works for more than 1 part but i didnt test em yet

To quote from Tustin on NGU on the PKG Merge PS4 tool's origin:

"Well, by default when you download packages from Sony, they are already in 4gb parts.

That's why Red wanted the tool made I suppose."

PKG Merge PS4 Tool by Tustin, Joins PlayStation 4 Package File Parts.jpg



That Other Guy
Senior Member
good release, ps4 game data can now be one file :D
instead of


not sure if ps4 accept one file for transfer btw, gonna test the tool :D

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